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Upcoming Episodes

New titles are revealed in various publications such as: TV guides, childrens' magazines, anime magazines, promotional posters and videos, official websites and official television programs. Titles and their translations are added to our episode guide and the chart below when the titles are revealed.
Date Title(s)
Jun 22 2019 Flag SMUL 17: A Grand Debut!
An Island Queen is Born! Satoshi's Grand Trial!!
Jun 23 2019 Flag SM 127: グラジオとリーリエ!父の幻影を追って!!
Gladio and Lilie! Chasing a Father's Phantom!!
Jun 29 2019 Flag SMUL 18: Keeping Your Eyes on the Ball!
Hole in One at PokéGolf!
Jun 30 2019 Flag SM 128: 開幕!アローラポケモンリーグ!!
The Curtain Rises! The Alola Pokémon League!!
Jul 06 2019 Flag SMUL 19: Show Me the Metal!
Arrival in Alola! Melty Metal Panic!!
Jul 07 2019 Flag SM 129: 大乱闘!バトルロイヤル151!!
Brawl! Battle Royal 151!!
Jul 12 2019 Flag Movie 22: ミュウツーの逆襲 EVOLUTION
Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution
Jul 13 2019 Flag SMUL 20: Got Meltan?
A New Species Has Been Discovered! I Got a Meltan!!
Jul 20 2019 Flag SMUL 21: This Magik Moment!
A New Show?! The Tiny Melody of Koiking
Jul 27 2019 Flag SMUL 22: Beauty is Only Crystal Deep!
Beauty and the Nyarth!
May 24

Movie 22 Website Updates with Info on Upcoming Relevant Media

Posted by Adamant | May 24th 2019 at 10:11 AM EDT
Tags: Anime, Movie
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The official Pokémon movie website has updated. Translations follow:

Media Information

Monday May 27th: "B-PASS" - Merchandise giveaway
Saturday June 1st: "CINEMA SQUARE" - Merchandise giveaway

*Note that these are the scheduled publication dates, and as such are subject to change without notice.

Source: https://www.pokemon-movie.jp/news/?p=3646
May 23

UT Grand Prix 2019 Grand Prize Disqualified

Posted by Sunain | May 23rd 2019 at 07:47 PM EDT
Tags: Merchandise
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The theme of UT GRAND PRIX 2019 is Pokémon—a global series loved by people throughout the world. More than 18,000 entries, a UTGP record, were received from all over the world! On May 22nd, 2019, UNIQLO announced that they had disqualified the Grand Prize winner and another finalist for violating the terms of the competition. UNIQLO did not promote another design to the Grand Prize.


Notice Regarding UT Grand Prix 2019

UNIQLO, the Japanese global apparel retailer, today announces that it has disqualified the Grand Prize winner and another finalist in its Pokémon-themed UT GRAND PRIX 2019 design contest after learning that the designs in question were not in accordance with the terms of that competition. UNIQLO will not award the Grand Prize to another entrant or sell merchandise featuring the designs.

UNIQLO apologies to all stakeholders, including those who looked forward to buying an item with the Grand Prize-winning design, and will take appropriate measures to prevent a similar situation from recurring.

Source: https://www.uniqlo.com/utgp/2019/us/en/

Article edited on 2019-05-23 07:48:12 by Sunain
May 21

Movie 22 Website Updates with Schedule for Kaze to Issho ni Release Party Tour

Posted by Adamant | May 21st 2019 at 12:46 AM EDT
Tags: Anime, Movie
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The official Pokémon movie website has updated. Translations follow:

The "Kaze to Issho ni" Release Party Tour - Shoko Nakagawa's "Pokénd Tour" Schedule

For details on this event, go here

"Pokénd Tour" Schedule
Date Prefecture Venue
Sunday May 26th, 2pm Niigata Bandai City Park (Sachiko Kobayashi will be here as well!)
Sunday June 2nd, 5:30pm Saitama Aeon Lake Town mori, Wood Plaza
Sunday June 9th, 1pm Fukuoka Branch Fukuoka Shimobaru, first floor, central event plaza
Sunday June 9th, 5pm Saga Mallage Saga, north building first floor, Mallage Plaza
Sunday June 16th, 12 noon Shizuoka Sunstreet Hamakita, second floor, event plaza (outdoor)
Sunday June 16th, 4:30pm Aichi Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport Nagoya Minato Aquls, Decagon (outdoor)
Sunday June 23rd, 12 noon Osaka Ario Otori, first floor, Ario Court
Sunday June 23rd, 5pm Shiga Pieri Moriyama, first floor, Pieri Court
Sunday July 7th, 11:30am Nagano Ario Ueda, first floor, Sun Court
Sunday July 7th, 3:30pm Saitama Ario Fukaya, first floor, Center Court

Sources: https://www.pokemon-movie.jp/song/

Article edited on 2019-06-13 08:00:58 by Adamant
May 19

Pokémon Cafe - New Menu Featuring Pocket Monsters Gold and Silver

Posted by Sunain | May 19th 2019 at 04:08 PM EDT
Tags: Merchandise, Pokémon Center, Pokémon cafe
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The official Pokémon Cafe sub-site has announced a new menu featuring Pocket Monsters Gold and Silver. This updated menu will be available for a limited time from from June 8th, 2019 until September 6th, 2019.

Eifie's Teriyaki Chicken Burger (エーフィの照り焼きチキンバーガー) - 1,598 yen (tax included)
Teriyaki burger with Eifie motif! It's a daytime limited menu item as Effie evolves during the daytime. Available from 10:30 to 17:59.

Blacky's Fried Chicken Burger (ブラッキーのフライドチキンバーガー) - 1,598 yen (tax included)
There is so much tartar sauce, it's voluminous!! It's a nighttime limited menu item as Blacky evolves at nighttime. Available from 18:00 to 22:00.

Frothy Mix au lait Tapioca and Oreo (ふりふりミックスオレ タピオカ&オレオ) - 1080 yen (tax included)
Mix au lait made on the spot.

Limited Menu from June 8th, 2019 until July 19th, 2019

Chikorita's Green Pancake Sand (チコリータのグリーンパンケーキサンド) - 1080 yen (tax included)
Spinach pancake with ham, potatos and egg salad, makes this perfectly nutritious!

Grand Menu:

In addition, two new grand menu items will be added.

Healthy Pichu Curry (元気いっぱいピチューカレー) - 1,598 yen (tax included)
A very popular curry featuring Pichu!

Doble's Drawing Pancake (ドーブルのお絵かきパンケーキ) - 1490 yen (tax included)
You can draw pictures on the pancakes with a chocolate pen. Let's draw pictures of Pokémon!

My 251 Campaign:


Starting on June 8th, 2019, the “My 251 Campaign,” will be held at Pokémon Center and Pokémon Stores nationwide in Japan, the Pokémon Center Online and at Pokemon Cafe! From June 8th, 2019 until September 1st, 2019, those who eat at the Pokémon Cafe can get a random My 251 Sticker.


In addition, the Pokémon Cafe Original Clear Coaster, one of which is given at random for each drink order, will also be renewed! There are 6 to collect with one very unique secret pattern.


Source: https://www.pokemoncenter-online.com/cafe/news/190517_01.html

Article edited on 2019-05-19 04:10:54 by Sunain
May 17

Movie 22 Website Updates with Info on Upcoming Relevant Media

Posted by Adamant | May 17th 2019 at 11:34 PM EDT
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The official Pokémon movie website has updated. Translations follow:

Media Information

Tuesday May 21st: "V-Jump" - Material related to the Ancient Mew card
Tuesday May 21st: "Corocoro Ichiban!" - Information on Armored Mewtwo
Friday May 24th: "Cheese!" - Shogakukan-sponsored pre-screening

*Note that these are the scheduled publication dates, and as such are subject to change without notice.

Source: https://www.pokemon-movie.jp/news/?p=3641

Article edited on 2019-05-18 01:35:12 by Adamant
May 17

Takara Tomy - Armored Mewtwo

Posted by Sunain | May 17th 2019 at 05:38 PM EDT
Tags: YouTube, TOMY
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Takara Tomy has announced a new Armored Mewtwo toy will go on sale in Japan in July of 2019. The moveable figure will cost 4500yen and comes with removable armor pieces including: Shoulder part, Shoulder part 2, leg part, leg part 2, arm part and head part.

armored Mewtwo

Source: https://www.takaratomy.co.jp/products/pokemon/armored_mewtwo/

YouTube Clip - Takara Tomy - Armored Mewtwo

Original Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oReW2oPuK8c

Article edited on 2019-05-28 10:31:15 by Sunain

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