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Morty's Gengar
English Morty's Gengar
Japanese マツバのゲンガー
Japanese (Romanized) Matsuba no Gangar
Morty's Gengar was first seen in the Burned Tower, creating an illusion with other Haunter and Gastly to deceive Ash and the rest of the group into thinking that the tower was aflame and burning to the ground. Morty notes that many challengers believe that the Burned Tower is actually the Ecruteak City Gym, so the Ghost-type Pokémon attempt to ward off the trespassers by creating illusions. Later on, Morty's Gengar battled and defeated Jessie's Arbok and James's Weezing, retrieving Pikachu and Misty's Togepi for Ash and Misty, respectively. Before the Ecruteak City Gym Battle against Ash , Gengar was seen helping Morty demonstrate the deceptive powers of Ghost-type Pokémon to the students of the gym by using Confuse Ray on a group of Gastly. Gengar was the third and final Pokémon used by Morty in the gym battle, facing off against Ash's Noctowl. Ash's Noctowl started the match with a Confusion attack, but Gengar countered using Shadow Ball. Gengar's invisibility made it difficult for Ash's Noctowl to use Foresight, so Ash's Noctowl used a wide-range Confusion attack to stun Gengar. Then, Ash's Noctowl was able to use Foresight and expose Gengar. Gengar attempted to counter with a Shadow Ball, but Ash's Noctowl was too quick and hit with a Tackle attack for the victory, defeating Gengar and giving victory in the Ecruteak City Gym Battle to Ash.
Move Type First Episode Used Notes
Night Shade Ghost GS 65
Shadow Ball Ghost GS 65
Confuse Ray Ghost GS 66
Episodes (4)

A Ghost Of A Chance
The Burned Tower! Enter Matsuba!!
Enju Gym! Ghost Battle!!
From Ghost to Ghost
For Ho-oh the Bells Toll
Suicune and Minaki! Legend of Houou!!
Bagged Then Tagged!サトシとヒカリ!タッグバトル!!Satoshi and Hikari! Tag Battle!!

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