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English Jasmine
Japanese ミカン
Japanese (Romanized) Mikan
French Jasmine
Jasmine is the Gym Leader of the Olivine Gym and she also runs the Glitter Lighthouse in Olivine City where her Ampharos is stationed. She first met Ash and his friends at the lighthouse when her Ampharos was sick. Ash went and got some medicine for it. At a later time, Ash challenged Jasmine for a gym badge. Ash's Pikachu and Cyndaquil battled against her and proved to be a sufficient combo in order to defeat her and obtain the Mineral Badge. Jasmine met up with Ash and Brock in Sunyshore City in the Sinnoh region. She met Dawn and the Sinnoh Elite Four member Flint. She challenged him to a battle with her Steelix but Flint used his Infernape which had a significant type advantage as well as being his most powerful Pokémon. Jasmine was easily defeated by Flint.
Pokemon (3)
Main Picture
Jasmine's Ampharos lights the Glitter Lighthouse in Olivine City.
Main Picture
Jasmine's Magnemite was first seen resting on Jasmine's shoulder.
Main Picture
Ash challenged Jasmine for the Mineral Badge and she sent her Steelix out after Pikachu defeated her Magnemite.Steelix was able to knock out Pikachu as it was tired from its previous battle.Jasmine's Steelix was then defeated by Ash's Cyndaquil as two proved to be a sufficient combo to defeat Steelix. [View More]
Episodes (5)

Lighthouse of Radiance! Battle of Asagi City!!
Fight for the Light
Fly, Hoho! Aim for Asagi!!
Throwing in the Noctowl!
Asagi Gym! VS Haganeil!!
Nerves of Steelix
Sohnano!? Gym Badges and Sonansu!!
Why? Wynaut!
Four Roads Diverged in a Pokémon Portサトシvsケンゴ!それぞれの船出!Satoshi VS Kengo! Setting Sail for Respective Destinations!!

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