Suzy is a famous Pokémon Breeder who has a shop called Pokémon Salon Rokon (ポケモンサロンロコン) on Scissor Street. Brock was infatuated with her since he considers her one of his role models. One of Brock's dreams was to become a breeder of her caliber. Suzy got top place in the Pokémon Breeder Contest for three consecutive years and the year Brock originally met Suzy, she was certified as Trainer of the Year and a Pokémon Friends Digest's reader poll for the most popular Breeder had her at number one for four years in a row.

Suzy originally started out researching Pokémon food and was impressed with Brock's skills as her Vulpix ate his food, which was the first time it had eaten food prepared by someone other than herself. Suzy believes that lots of make-up and style is just a way of showing off and doesn't truly show the natural beauty of a Pokémon. Her shop reflects that ideal and tries to get that point across to her customers through a Pokémon grooming lecture she started. Suzy is a very good Pokémon groomer and massagist.

When Team Rocket tried to lead the trainers astray, Suzy showed up to face them with her Vulpix. She showed everyone that despite its cuteness it had a hidden strength and showed them a true Pokémon's charm. With Team Rocket vanquished, the patrons of Scissor Street realized that Suzy had been right all along. Suzy regained some of her lost confidence as well.

Suzy entrusted Brock with her Vulpix after she realized how much it liked Brock. She then decided to leave on a journey of her own.
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Suzy's Vulpix was given to Brock by Suzy when he visited her Scissor Street salon.Suzy explained to Brock and Misty that her Vulpix was a bit shy and temperamental and she had been having a hard time training it.Despite its shyness, Suzy's Vulpix had been entered in many breeding competitions and it is considered a supermodel of the Pokémon world. [View More]
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Rival Showdown! The Okido Laboratories
Showdown at the Poke Corral
Beauty and the Breeder
Goodbye, Rokon! Pokémon Beauty Contest!!

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