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Georgia's Pawniard

Character Names
  • English / United States: Georgia's Pawniard
  • Japanese / Japan: ラングレーのコマタナ
  • Japanese (Romanized) / Japan: Langley no Komatana
  • Japanese (TL) / Japan: Langley's Komatana
Voice Actors
Georgia's Pawniard was revealed in the second round of the Don George tournament in Raimon Town when Georgia faced Ash Ketchum. Georgia's Pawniard is fast which makes it able to dodge attacks easily. Georgia's Pawniard faced Ash's Snivy in the Don George tournament and at the beginning of the battle it looked like it was going to easily win but Ash's Snivy was able to avoid getting hit by Guillotine. From that point on, Ash's Snivy took control of the match and was able to defeat Georgia's Pawniard which advanced Ash Ketchum on to the next round in the tournament.

Evolved into Georgia's Bisharp

Georgia's Bisharp evolved from Georgia's Pawniard sometime before the Donamite Tournament. It was first revealed that it had evolved when Georgia's Bisharp was sent out to battle against Gail's Druddigon during the first round of the Donamite Tournament.
Known Moveset
Guillotine Type
First Seen: BW 42
Tried to finish off Satoshi's Tsutarja with it
Metal Claw Type
First Seen: BW 42
A super-fast attack that tore Satoshi's Tsutarja's Leaf Storm into pieces!
Iron Head Type
First Seen: BW 42
A fierce headbutt attack