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Character Names
  • English / United States: Georgia
  • Japanese / Japan: ラングレー
  • Japanese (Romanized) / Japan: Langley
  • Japanese (TL) / Japan: Langley
Voice Actors
Georgia is a Dragon Buster, a Pokémon trainer that specializes in defeating other trainers that specialize or have Dragon Pokémon. Georgia considers defeating Dragon type Pokémon as her hobby especially those originating from the Dragon Village. A long time ago, Georgia had a battle in the Dragon Village and her Pokémon was beaten up and for that reason she became a Dragon Buster.

Georgia has quite a snarky attitude and is easily insulted. She was also a bit rude when she met Iris and her friends as Cilan called her remarks 'spicy'. Georgia was easily provoked by Iris when Iris told Georgia that she was scared of battling Pokémon other than a Dragon type. Georgia wanted to prove Iris wrong and ended up winning against Iris' Excadrill as it wouldn't obey Iris's commands. Georgia's spicy personality continued when she told Iris to be a little stronger the next time they met.

The next day, Georgia encountered Iris and her friends again as she had just finished eating all of their breakfasts and then had the audacity to tell them just to make some more. After Georgia's Beartic and Iris' Excadrill's battle, Georgia continued her insults by complaining that Cilan's breakfast wasn't tasty enough and that she wanted a better meal the next time they met.
Owned Pokémon
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Georgia's Beartic
  • Japan ラングレーのツンベアー
  • Japan Langley no Tunbear
  • Japan Langley's Tunbear
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Georgia's Bisharp
  • Japan ラングレーのキリキザン
  • Japan Langley no Kirikizan
  • Japan Langley's Kirikizan
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Georgia's Pawniard
  • Japan ラングレーのコマタナ
  • Japan Langley no Komatana
  • Japan Langley's Komatana
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Georgia's Vanilluxe
  • Japan ラングレーのバイバニラ
  • Japan Langley no Baivanilla
  • Japan Langley's Baivanilla
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