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Brycen's Beartic

Character Names
  • English / United States: Brycen's Beartic
  • Japanese / Japan: ハチクのツンベアー
  • Japanese (Romanized) / Japan: Hachiku no Tunbear
  • Japanese (TL) / Japan: Hachiku's Tunbear
Voice Actors
Brycen's Beartic is Brycen main companion Pokémon. It is quite a famous Pokémon as it was featured in the movies "Enter the Tunbear", "The Way of the Ice" and "Fist of Ice", which were all huge hits and the cause of long waiting lines at the theaters.

Brycen was training with his Beartic when it rescued Ash Ketchum and his friends from being crushed by a rock trap that Rizzo set. Later, when confronting Rizzo's Jellicent ♂ and Rizzo's Jellicent ♀, it showed how strong it was by taking them both out while aiming so that Rizzo went into his cage with them where he would wait to be arrested.

Gym Battle against Ash's Krokorok

After Ash Ketchum had knocked out Brycen's Vanillish and Brycen's Vanillish, Brycen's Beartic managed to knock out Ash's Pignite which left him with just his Ash's Krokorok who had already battled against Brycen's Vanillish. Seeing Brycen's Beartic made Ash's Krokorok want to become stronger itself and Ash's Krokorok was were waiting for this battle. It had a type advantage in the battle and together with Ash Ketchum, they battled with all their strength. Brycen's Beartic used Icicle Crash as a defense against Stone Edge. Ash Ketchum was able to counter that though by remembering Bianca's Emboar method that she used at the Donamite and Ash's Krokorok picked up a stray rock and jumped into the air to meet Brycen's Beartic for one final attack. The two of them collided in the air but Ash's Krokorok was the one that ended up victorious by defeating Brycen's Beartic.
Known Moveset
Ice Punch Type
First Seen: BW 80
Dent noted that it was used in the movie
Brine Type
First Seen: BW 80
Blocked the double Hydro Pump
Aerial Ace Type
First Seen: BW 81
Satoshi was surprised it knew the move and it knocked out Chaoboo
Icicle Crash Type
First Seen: BW 81
Directly hit Satoshi's Chaoboo in the Gym Battle