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Grant's Onix
English Grant's Onix
Japanese ザクロのイワーク
Japanese (Romanized) Zakuro no Iwark
Grant's Onix was first seen battling Viola's Surskit at the Battle Chateau. Viola noted that its speed and power has increased since last time they battled. That increase proved to be the difference in the battle as it overwhelmed Viola's Surskit and defeated it. Grant was awarded the title of Grand Duke to which he thanked his Onix for all its hard work and dedicated the victory to it.
Move Type First Episode Used Notes
Rock Tomb Rock XY 20 It could control the placement of the rocks.
Rock Polish Rock XY 20 Raises its speed.
Flash Cannon Steel XY 20 It's powerful finishing move.
Episodes (4)

Breaking Titles at the Chateau!挑戦バトルシャトー!ビオラVSザクロ!!The Battle Chateau Challenge! Viola VS Zakuro!!
Pokévision of Things to Come!デビューです!セレナとフォッコでポケビジョン!!Time to Debut! PokéVision with Serena and Fokko!!
Coming Back into the Cold!オーロラの絆!アマルスとアマルルガ!!The Aurora Bond! Amarus and Amaruruga!!
Climbing the Walls!ショウヨウジム戦!ピカチュウ対チゴラス!!Shoyo Gym Match! Pikachu VS Chigoras!!

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