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Moria's Talonflame

Character Names
  • English / United States: Moria's Talonflame
  • Japanese / Japan: ナミのファイアロー
  • Japanese (Romanized) / Japan: Nami no Fiarrow
  • Japanese (TL) / Japan: Nami's Fiarrow
Voice Actors
Moria's Talonflame trains at Kalos Canyon near Shala City. It was first seen battling an Airmd which according to Moria was really weak, so she began looking for a new opponent and noticed that Ash Ketchum had been watching her.

She challenged Ash Ketchum to a sky battle and initially chose Ash's Fletchling to battle her but her Fiarrow thought it was too weak to battle against and wanted to battle Ash's Hawlucha instead. Ash Ketchum made a deal with her that if Ash's Hawlucha defeated her Fiarrow, that Ash's Fletchling could battle it also. Moria ended up winning that match and Ash's Hawlucha was defeated. Not long after though, Moria's Talonflame was captured by Rocket Gang and with the assistance of Ash's Fletchling, it was set free.

Moria's Talonflame wanted to battle Ash's Fletchling after the events of Rocket Gang's interference proved to it that Ash's Fletchling was a strong opponent despite its initial impression. Moria's Talonflame ended up being defeated after Ash's Fletchling evolved into Ash's Fletchinder during the battle.
Known Moveset
Peck Type
First Seen: XY 36
First moved used in the battle against Ash's Hawlucha
Fire Blast Type
First Seen: XY 36
A very hard move to avoid in Sky Battles
Steel Wing Type
First Seen: XY 36
It likes to use the attack to quickly damage opponents before finishing them off with its more powerful attacks
Brave Bird Type
First Seen: XY 36
It never seemed to take recoil damage in any of the battles against Ash as it wasn't visually shown