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Pikala's Pikachu ♀ (Curly)

Character Names
  • English / United States: Pikala's Pikachu ♀ (Curly)
  • Japanese / Japan: ピカーラのピカチュウ (クリン)
  • Japanese (Romanized) / Japan: Pikarla no Pikachu ♀ (Kurin)
  • Japanese (TL) / Japan: Pikarla's Pikachu ♀ (Kurin)
Voice Actors
Ash's Pikachu went up to befriend all of Pikala's Pikachu in the valley but they put their guard up and it wasn't till Kurin, a bold female Pikachu approached Ash's Pikachu. She and the rest of Pikala's Pikachu misinterpreted Ash Ketchum's Ash's Pikachu initial greeting as flirting and left it.

It can be easily recognized, as she has very curly bangs, so Pikala called it Curly-chan because of that. It later came back and touched tails with Ash Ketchum's Ash's Pikachu to which Mimo and Pikala believed that Ash Ketchum's Ash's Pikachu gave her butterflies because it was now glossy and more appealing to her.

When Rocket Gang attacked, it was captured by them but Pikarla_Boss used the Z-move Catastropika to on them and Jessie's Mimikyu to send the Rocket's flying while releasing all the Pikachu at the same time. After being rescued by Pikarla_Boss, she fell in love with him.

This Pikachu is voiced by Nicole Fujita who was voice acting for the very first time.