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  • Flag Rinto
  • Flag リント
  • Flag Rinto
  • Flag Rinto
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Rinto is a Pokémon Trainer that likes to give out advice to his opponents. He watched the battle between Ash Ketchum and Dozer at the Rock Tunnel in the Kanto region. He thought Ash's Farfetch'd had plenty of power, but it lacked discipline.

He challenged Ash's Farfetch'd to a battle right after it had defeated Dozer's Gurdurr and his Gallade knocked it out with one attack. Rinto thought Ash's Farfetch'd had an awful lot of hidden potential deep inside but it hadn't found it during that battle. Ash Ketchum decided to train harder to be in sync with Farfetch'd so that they'd win the next time they faced Rinto.
Owned Pokémon
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  • United States Rinto's Gallade
  • Japan リントのエルレイド
  • Japan Rinto no Ellade
  • Japan Rinto's Ellade