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  • Japan 2011-08-14 ポケモンなりきり写真の優秀賞を発表 / 3DS「ポケモン立体図鑑BW」で遊ぶ / 「a-nation for Life」レポート / 映画冒頭をノーカット放送!
  • Japan 2011-08-14 Pokémon narikiri shashin no yūshūshō wo happyō / 3DS 'Pokémon rettai zukan BW' de asobu / 'a-nation for Life' report / Eiga bōtō wo no cut hōsō!
  • Japan 2011-08-14 Announcing the Awards for Outstanding Performance in Pokémon Cosplay Photos / Playing with the 3DS 'Pokémon 3D Zukan BW'! / 'a-nation for Life' Report / A Broadcast of the Entire Beginning of One of the Movies!
Can You Say the Pokémon? BW