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  • United States Fiery Reflections in Snow
  • Japan 名残り雪、赤く
  • Japan Nagori yuki, akaku
  • Japan Red Reflections in the Remaining Snow
  • Germany Feurige Reflexionen im Schnee
  • France Reflets embrasés sur la neige
  • Italy Riflessi impetuosi nella neve
  • Mexico Temibles reflejos sobre la nieve
  • Taiwan 殘雪、漸紅
  • Brazil Reflexos ardentes na neve
  • South Korea 봄눈은 붉게 물들고
  • Thailand สีม่วงครามยามหิมะละลาย


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This episode picks up right after the events of the debut episode. We see young Alec befriending a Hisuian Zorua after falling down a cliffside, and the two work together to climb back up. However, when Alec returns to his father, the boy is surprised at his father's reaction upon seeing the little Pokémon.


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  • United States Kamado
  • Japan デンボク
  • Japan Denboku
  • Japan Denboku
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  • United States Alec
  • Japan アキオ
  • Japan Akio
  • Japan Akio
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  • United States Alec's Father
  • Japan アキオの父
  • Japan Akio no Chichi
  • Japan Akio's Father
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  • United States Hisuian Zorua (Shiny)
  • Japan ゾロア (ヒスイのすがた) (色違い)
  • Japan Zoroa (Hisui no sugata) (Iro chigai)
  • Japan Zoroa (Hisui Form) (Alternate-colored)
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  • United States Volo
  • Japan ウォロ
  • Japan Volo

Wild Pokémon

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  • United States Eevee
  • Japan イーブイ
  • Japan Eievui
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  • United States Aipom
  • Japan エイパム
  • Japan Eipam
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  • United States Starly
  • Japan ムックル
  • Japan Mukkuru
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  • United States Garchomp
  • Japan ガブリアス
  • Japan Gablias
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  • United States Zorua
  • Japan ゾロア
  • Japan Zorua
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  • United States Zoroark
  • Japan ゾロアーク
  • Japan Zoroark
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