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Ash's Swadloon
English Ash's Swadloon
Japanese サトシのクルマユ
Japanese (Romanized) Satoshi no Kurumayu
Ash's Sewaddle evolved into Ash's Swadloon during his gym battle with Burgh. Ash's Sewaddle managed to fend off a crushing blow from Burgh's Whirlipede SolarBeam and evolved right after the attack finished. The battle quickly changed due to the evolution as Ash's Swadloon's Energy Ball, which it had just learned, was a useful attack allowing it to defeat Burgh's Whirlipede. Ash's Swadloon then faced Burgh's Leavanny but it did not fair as well. After Burgh's Leavanny used String Shot to tie Ash's Swadloon up, Ash's Swadloon was forced to use Razor Leaf on itself to break free which dealt significant damage. Ash's Swadloon was defeated by Burgh's Leavanny's Hyper Beam shortly thereafter. Ash's Leavanny evolved from Ash's Swadloon during a training battle with Iris's Emolga.
Move Type First Episode Used Notes
Razor Leaf Grass BW 18 Learned as a Sewaddle
String Shot Bug BW 18 Learned as a Sewaddle
Bug Bite Bug BW 18 Learned as a Sewaddle
Tackle Normal BW 25 Learned as a Sewaddle
Energy Ball Grass BW 25 Learned just after it evolved during the Burgh gym battle
Episodes (6)

Hiun Gym Match! Purehearted Bug Pokémon Battle!!
Battling For The Love of Bug-Types!
ヒウンジム戦! 純情ハートの虫ポケモンバトル!!
Emonga VS Tsutarja! The Great Volt Switch Mayhem!!
Emolga and the New Volt Switch!
Gamagaru and Muggyo! Battle at the Waterfront!!
Facing Fear With Eyes Wide Open!
Movie Time! Zorua in 'The Legend of the Pokémon Knight'!
Zorua the Movie! Legend of the Pokémon Knight!!
The Lonely Deino!アイリスとモノズ! 育てや修行!!Iris and Monozu! Training at the Day Care!!
Battling the Leaf Thieves!キバゴ救出!アイアントの巣窟!!The Rescue of Kibago! An Aiant Nest!!

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