Character Information:

Burgundy's Stoutland


Character Names / Voice Actors:
Known As:
  • Flag Burgundy's Stoutland
  • Flag カベルネのムーランド
  • Flag Cabernet no Mooland
  • Flag Cabernet's Mooland
Voiced By:
Burgundy's Stoutland was revealed during her battle with Ash Ketchum in the Don Battle Tournament in Raimon Town. Burgundy thought she had the upper hand in the battle since it was the first time that Ash Ketchum and his Palpitoad had ever battled together. Ash's Palpitoad proved to be able to use its moves in a good combination which caught Burgundy's Stoutland off-guard. It was unable to defeat Ash's Palpitoad in the battle and the loss eliminated Burgundy from the tournament.
Known Moveset
Move Type First Ep Notes
Tackle Type BW 41 Attacked after it got dirt in its face from Mud Shot
Thunder Fang Type BW 41 Had no effect against Satoshi's Gamagaru as it is a Ground type
Ice Fang Type BW 41 Froze Satoshi's Gamagaru during the Don Battle
Fire Fang Type BW 41 Shortly after it was commanded to use, Satoshi's Gamagaru blasted Mud into its mouth