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Ash's Palpitoad
English Ash's Palpitoad
Japanese サトシのガマガル
Japanese (Romanized) Satoshi no Gamagaru
Ash's Palpitoad was caught at a lake while Ash was enroute to Raimon City. Ash's Oshawott was forced to battle Palpitoad because it came out of the water to protect its lake which it thought that Ash and Ash's Oshawott were trespassing in. During the battle, Ash's Oshawott managed to master its Aqua Jet and that proved to be the decisive factor in the battle as Palpitoad was knocked out and Ash caught it.

Don George Battles

In the first round of the Don George Battles in Raimon Town, Ash's Palpitoad was matched up against Burgundy's Stoutland. Burgundy thought she had the upper hand in the battle since it was the first time that Ash and his Palpitoad had ever battled together. Ash's Palpitoad proved to be able to use its moves in a good combination which caught Burgundy's Stoutland off-guard. Ash's Palpitoad defeated Burgundy's Stoutland in the battle and the loss eliminated Burgundy from the tournament. In the third round of the Don George Battles, Dino's Darumaka battled against Ash's Palpitoad and was defeated which eliminated Dino from the tournament. The battle was only shown for a few seconds in BW44.

Gym Battle against Elesa

Ash's strategy was to use his Palpitoad against all of Elesa Pokémon and it was matched up against Elesa's Zebstrika first. Due to Palpitoad being part Ground-type, Elesa's Zebstrika was unable to use its strongest attack, Wild Charge. After dodging Palpitoad's Mud Shot, Elesa ordered her Zebstrika to repeatedly use Flame Charge, even though it was ineffective against Ash's Palpitoad, a part Water-type Pokémon, in order to boost its speed, and thus, it was able to dodge Palpitoad's Hydro Pump attack. Zebstrika's Double Kick attacks that followed made Palpitoad dizzy, and in an attempt to finish the battle, Elesa ordered Zebstrika to use Quick Attack. However, Ash's Palpitoad endured the attack and managed to beat Elesa's Zebstrika using a combination of its Supersonic, Hydro Pump and Mud Shot attacks. Elesa's Emolga was the second Pokémon that Elesa used in her gym battle against Ash. It was first matched up against Ash's Palpitoad who had just defeated her Elesa's Zebstrika and was quite weak from the battle. Elesa's Emolga used Attract to make Ash's Palpitoad infatuated with it and then quickly finished it off. Ash's strategy to use his Palpitoad throughout the gym battles failed with it getting knocked out.

Isshu League Tournament

Ash's Palpitoad participated in the Isshu League Higaki Tournament. It was matched up against Stephan's Zebstrika in the second match up of the third round battle. Both Pokémon had grown up a bit and had learned new moves that debuted in this battle. Since Stephan's Liepard lost the last battle, Ash had the advantage as he could pick the match up type that he wanted for the battle once Stephan's Zebstrika was revealed. Since Electric type moves won't work and Fire type moves aren't very effective on a Water/Ground type, Ash's Palpitoad was the one selected for the match up. Ash's Palpitoad's Sludge Wave managed to poison Stephan's Zebstrika. It countered with Facade as a Pokémon in an abnormal condition that uses the move, finds its power increases drastically. The move pounded Ash's Palpitoad against the back wall of the stadium. It managed to recover but it too a lot of damage. It then used Supersonic and confused Stephan's Zebstrika and started bashing its head on the stadium wall. Ash's Palpitoad tried to finish off Stephan's Zebstrika with Hydro Pump, but it didn't do enough damage to knock it out and it was no longer confused. The match up ended with the two of them banging against the wall after their attacks collided, knocking them both out at the same time.
Move Type First Episode Used Notes
Supersonic Normal BW 35 Satoshi's Mijumaru got confused by it!
Hydro Pump Water BW 35 A powerful attack that proved to be effective in the Don Battles
Mud Shot Ground BW 35 Dent commented that it was able to switch between its moves like Mud Shot very fast
Sludge Wave Poison BWS2 22 Revealed its new move in battle against Kenyan's Zebraika
Episodes (9)

Gamagaru and Muggyo! Battle at the Waterfront!!
Facing Fear With Eyes Wide Open!
Reunion Battles In Nimbasa!
Everyone Gather! The Don Battles!!
熱闘ドンバトル! ツタージャVSコマタナ!!
The Fierce Don Battles! Tsutarja VS Komatana!!
Cilan Versus Trip, Ash Versus Georgia!!
The Heated Don Battles! Emonga VS Dageki!!
The Club Battle Hearts of Fury, Emolga Versus Sawk!
The Decisive Don Battle! Satoshi VS Iris!!
The Club Battle Finale: A Heroes Outcome!
Dazzling the Nimbasa Gym!ライモンジム! 華麗なる電撃バトル!! Raimon Gym! An Electric Shock Battle of Splendor!!
Rocking the Virbank Gym! (Part 2)激闘タチワキジム!VSホミカ!!(後編)Fierce Fighting at the Tachiwaki Gym! VS Homika!! (Part 2)
Strong Strategy Steals the Show!ダゲキ登場!サトシ対ケニヤン!!Enter Dageki! Satoshi VS Kenyan!!
Dream Continues!オレの夢、ポケモンマスター!!My Dream: Pokémon Master!!

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