Virgil's Eevee

Known As:
  • Flag Virgil's Eevee
  • Flag バージルのイーブイ
  • Flag Virgil no Eievui
This is Virgil's eighth Eievui. It loves to be pampered but it's still an apprentice. Virgil had been trying to get it to decide what kind of rescue missions it wanted to do and which type it want to evolve into so it could graduate from its apprenticeship. Virgil's Eevee couldn't decide and Virgil wanted to make sure not to rush it and make sure it thought through it carefully so it would pick the evolution that suits it most. During a battle against some Freegeo at the dam and reservoir, Virgil's Eevee helped contribute by protecting Virgil's Flareon and boosting its attacks. While Virgil was busy dealing with the Freegeo's attacks, Virgil's Eevee dug a hole down to the basement of the control building which allowed Davey to get out of the building. Virgil realized after those experiences that his Eevee was fine the way it was and that his Eevee Team was now complete.
Known Moveset
Move Type First Ep Notes
Dig Type BWS2 18 Dug into the basement of the control building
Protect Type BWS2 18 Protected Booster
Helping Hand Type BWS2 18 Helped Booster's Flamethrower