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Viola's Vivillon
English Viola's Vivillon
Japanese ビオラのビビヨン
Japanese (Romanized) Viola no Vivillon
Viola's Vivillon is her pride as a Gym Leader and the Pokémon she often counts on during gym battles. It was the second Pokémon that Viola sent out to battle against Ash in both their battles.

In the first round, Ash's Fletchling was defeated by Viola's Vivillon after it got caught in the Sticky Web from earlier in the battle and couldn't break free when Vivillon's SolarBeam hit it.

Realizing that he needed to train his Pokémon some more, Ash's Fletchling was able to learn from the training in the rematch battle and ride the wind better but it was still defeated by Viola's Vivillon. Pikachu though still had damage left from its fight against Ametama but it overcame that and was able to wake up from Sleep Powder by using Electro Ball on itself. With ice on its wing, Viola's Vivillon started moving strangely giving Pikachu the opportunity to knock it out with Thunderbolt to win the rematch gym battle.
Move Type First Episode Used Notes
Gust Flying XY 5 Blew Ash's Fletchling right into the Sticky Web.
Solar Beam Grass XY 5 It's knock out move which KO'd Ash's Fletchling
Psychic Psychic XY 5 Stopped Ash's Fletchling from flying around
Sleep Powder Grass XY 6 Almost got Pikachu to sleep but it used Electro Ball on itself to counter
Episodes (6)

A Blustery Santalune Gym Battle!ハクダンジム戦!華麗なるビビヨンの舞バトル!!Hakudan Gym Match! The Elegant Vivillon's Dance Battling!!
Battling on Thin Ice!氷上決戦!ピカチュウVSビビヨン!A Decisive Battle on Ice! Pikachu VS Vivillon!
To Catch a Pokémon Smuggler!ポケモンバイヤーを捕まえろ! コフーライ偽装作戦!!Catch the Pokémon Merchant! Operation: Kofuurai Disguise!!
Rocking Kalos Defenses!進撃する巨石!カロス防衛線!!The Megalith Advances! Kalos' Defense Line!!
Forming A More Perfect Union!反撃のジガルデ!カロス最終決戦!!Zygarde Fights Back! The Final Battle for Kalos!!
Till We Compete Again!終わりなきゼロ!また逢う日まで!!A Zero With No End! Till the Day we Meet Again!!

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