Marina is a Trainer from New Bark Town that appeared in the The Legend of Thunder! special.
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Zoey showed a video of Marina on her laptop that indicated that Marina's Feraligatr had evolved.
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Marina's Jigglypuff seems to enter double contests with her other Pokemon.
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Marina's Croconaw is the evolved form of her original starter Pokémon Totodile that she received from Professor Elm. Marina's Croconaw started a battle against Jimmy's Typhlosion but it was cut short due to extremely bad weather.
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Like Ash's Pikachu, Marina's Misdreavus seems to say out of its Pokeball most of the time. During a confrontation with Team Rocket grunts Attila and Hun, Misdreavus used its Perish Song to disable Steelix and Skarmory before they retreated.
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Marina's Totodile was her starter Pokemon that she received from Professor Elm. It evolved into a Croconaw and then a Feraligatr.
Episodes (4)

Not on My Watch Ya Don't
Pokétch Unavailable?!
Hikari, Nozomi and a Double Performance!!
A Stand-Up Sit-Down!
The Maid Cafe Miltank!
Tanks For The Memories!
ポケットモンスタークリスタル・ライコウ 雷の伝説
Pocket Monsters Crystal: Raikou - Legend of Thunder
The Legend of Thunder!

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