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  • United States The Ancient Poké Ball!
  • Japan いにしえのモンスターボール
  • Japan Inishie no monster ball
  • Japan The Ancient Monster Ball


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Team Kato

Japan Screenplay 松澤くれは (Kureha Matsuzawa)
Japan Storyboard 野田泰宏 (Yasuhiro Noda)
Japan Episode Director 野田泰宏 (Yasuhiro Noda)
Japan Animation Director 岡昭彦 (Akihiko Oka)
Japan Animation Director 志村泉 (Izumi Shimura)
Japan Animation Director 新岡浩美 (Hiromi Niioka)
Japan Animation Director 山田俊也 (Toshiya Yamada)
Japan Animation Director 中矢利子 (Toshiko Nakaya)

OP/ED List

Thrillciting Diary
RVR〜Rising Volt Tacklers Rap〜
South Korea OP We Go
We Go
너와 함께라면
By Your Side
Episode Director
Animation Director
Assistant Animation Director
Chief Animation Director
Production Assistant

Japanese Summary:



Japanese Summary Translation:

The Explorers confront the Rising Volt Tacklers. Just then, Liko's pendant starts shining again! And something strange happens with the "ancient monster ball" Roy has...?!

The Explorers disembark on the island and confront the Rising Volt Tacklers, wanting Liko and the pendant. The Nyahoja and Hogator team put up a good fight as Liko and Roy take them on together, but Amethio and Armorga catch them off guard and close in on them. Just then, Liko's pendant starts shining again! And something strange happens with the "ancient monster ball" Roy has...?!


Character Thumbnail
  • United States Liko
  • Japan リコ
  • Japan Liko
  • Japan Liko
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Roy
  • Japan ロイ
  • Japan Roy
  • Japan Roy
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Friede
  • Japan フリード
  • Japan Friede
  • Japan Friede
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Captain Pikachu
  • Japan フリードのピカチュウ (キャプテンピカチュウ)
  • Japan Friede no Pikachu (Captain Pikachu)
  • Japan Friede's Pikachu (Captain Pikachu)
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Orla
  • Japan オリオ
  • Japan Orio
  • Japan Orio
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Murdock
  • Japan マードック
  • Japan Murdock
  • Japan Murdock
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Mollie
  • Japan モリー
  • Japan Molly
  • Japan Molly
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Ludlow
  • Japan ランドウ
  • Japan Randou
  • Japan Randou
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Amethio
  • Japan アメジオ
  • Japan Amethio
  • Japan Amethio
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Nidothing
  • Japan ぐるみん
  • Japan Gurumin
  • Japan Gurumin
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Zirc
  • Japan ジル
  • Japan Zir
  • Japan Zir
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Onia
  • Japan コニア
  • Japan Conia
  • Japan Conia
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Liko's Sprigatito
  • Japan リコのニャオハ
  • Japan Liko no Nyahoja
  • Japan Liko's Nyahoja
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Liko's Rotom Phone
  • Japan リコのスマホロトム
  • Japan Liko no Smartphone Rotom
  • Japan Liko's Smartphone Rotom
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Roy's Fuecoco
  • Japan ロイのホゲータ
  • Japan Roy no Hogator
  • Japan Roy's Hogator
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Murdock's Rockruff
  • Japan マードックのイワンコ
  • Japan Murdock no Iwanko
  • Japan Murdock's Iwanko
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Zirc's Rhydon
  • Japan ジルのサイドン
  • Japan Zir no Saidon
  • Japan Zir's Saidon
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Friede's Charizard
  • Japan フリード博士のリザードン
  • Japan Friede-hakase no Lizardon
  • Japan Friede's Lizardon
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Amethio's Ceruledge
  • Japan アメジオのソウブレイズ
  • Japan Amethio no Soublades
  • Japan Amethio's Soublades
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Amethio's Corviknight
  • Japan アメジオのアーマーガア
  • Japan Amethio no Armorga
  • Japan Amethio's Armorga
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Onia's Skarmory
  • Japan コニアのエアームド
  • Japan Conia no Airmd
  • Japan Conia's Airmd
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Zirc's Skarmory
  • Japan ジルのエアームド
  • Japan Zir no Airmd
  • Japan Zir's Airmd
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Orla's Metagross
  • Japan オリオのメタグロス
  • Japan Orio no Metagross
  • Japan Orio's Metagross
Character Thumbnail
  • Japan ハンベル
  • Japan Hamber
  • Japan Hamber
Character Thumbnail
  • Japan ロイの祖父
  • Japan Roy no Sofubo
  • Japan Roy's Grandfather
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Rising Volt Tackler's Quaxly
  • Japan ライジングボルテッカーズのクワッス
  • Japan Rising Volteccers no Kuwassu
  • Japan Rising Volt Tacklers' Kuwassu
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Shiny Rayquaza
  • Japan 黒いレックウザ
  • Japan Kuroi Rayquaza
  • Japan Black Rayquaza
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Gibeon
  • Japan ギベオン
  • Japan Gibeon
  • Japan Gibeon
Character Thumbnail
  • Japan スピネル
  • Japan Spinel
  • Japan Spinel

Wild Pokémon

Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Pidgey
  • Japan ポッポ
  • Japan Poppo
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Tentacool
  • Japan メノクラゲ
  • Japan Menokurage
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Shellder
  • Japan シェルダー
  • Japan Shellder
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Krabby
  • Japan クラブ
  • Japan Crab
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Scyther
  • Japan ストライク
  • Japan Strike


On May 12th, 2023, the official Japanese AniPoke Twitter account reminded that this episode was available to watch on the official Japanese YouTube channel. The video was region locked to Japan only. It was available from May 12th, 2023 to May 19th, 2023. This episode was specifically labeled as a missed-program webcast (見逃し配信).

The episode was also available on the TV Tokyo YouTube channel and was labeled as limited-time delivery (期間限定配信). It also included the series trailer at the end of the episode.

AniPoke Episode 6 The Ancient Monster Ball
What did you think?
Roy's Ancient Monster Ball revealed... a black Rayquaza!
Why did it appear... the mystery only gets deeper!
Don't forget to check out the Anipoke stream if you missed it!
The stream will be available for a week from today!

アニポケ 第6話「いにしえのモンスターボール」


CoroCoro Comic's Official website posted an article about this episode just before the original airing on May 12th, 2023. They also tweeted about the page on the official CoroCoro Comic Twitter account to promote it.


Anipoke is just around the corner! I want to see Hogator again! What did Roy do that it didn't expect?


Broadcasting every week from 6:55 pm! The anime "Pocket Monsters" will start airing soon! In this article, we'll introduce you to the Pokémon and characters that will appear in today's episode, as well as comments from the voice actors and director, and more! We'll bring you this information right before the broadcast of the new series! Hogator's voice echoes through the air on Friday nights!

The Rising Volt Tacklers' blimp, Brave Asagi, landed on an island in the Kanto Region. It is currently anchored for repairs to its damaged parts, but a suspicious shadow approaches the airship in the dark of night...... Is it the Explorers who are after Liko's pendant? It was thought to be...... but it turns out to be Roy!


▲ Amethyo's Soublades stands in front of Liko and Roy.


▲ Nyahoja and Hogator cooperate and fight in combination but...


▲ Their opponent is Amethyo, who is young enough to lead a squad of Explorers. The difference in ability is obvious!


▲ These two have just begun to battle and don't stand a chance......!?

At that moment, Liko's pendant begins to glow! They thought the pendant would protect Liko again, but to their surprise...... Roy's Ancient Monster Ball seems to resonating with the pendant and also begins to glow......!!! What in the world is this!!?


▲ When Liko was in a pinch, the pendant protected Liko with a mysterious barrier, but...... something is different this time!?


▲ Roy's monster ball shines as if it resonating with Liko's pendant!!


▲ The monster ball that Roy holds won't open. Roy thought it was empty......


▲ When the Ancient Monster Ball opens...... something unexpected comes out!!?


▲ Amethyo who's been chasing after the pendant, was also surprised by what was inside...!?

Check back later this evening at 6:55 p.m. for the rest of the story! Watch out for the Explorers, the organization that is after Liko's pendant, which will gradually be revealed in its entirety!


▲ Why are they after Liko's pendant? The mastermind behind the organization has yet to show themselves.

【アニポケまであとちょっと!】ロイが持つ「いにしえのモンスターボール」に異変発生!! 物語が大きく動き出す!!
この記事はアニメ放送前に、今日の放送回に登場するポケモンやキャラクターの紹介、声優さんや監督からのコメントなどなど、ほかでは聞けないアニポケ情報をお届けするコーナー!! 嵐のあとにはいつもお宝がやってくる!?
そのとき、リコのペンダントが輝きを放つ! 再びペンダントがリコを守ってくれるのかと思いきや……なんとペンダントに共鳴するように、ロイが持っている「いにしえのモンスターボール」も光を放ち始める……!! これは一体!!?
この続きはこのあとよる6時55分からの放送でチェックしよう! 少しずつその全貌が明らかになる、リコのペンダントを狙う組織エクスプローラーズにも注目!!
▲リコのペンダントを狙う理由とは!? 組織の黒幕はまだ姿を見せない。


The official Pokémon YouTube channel premiere of the new Pocket Monsters 2023 anime series was shown in two installments, first on June 30th, 2023 at 18:55 JST for PART 1 featuring episodes 1 to 6 and then the second installment on July 7th, 2023 at on 18:55 JST for PART 2 featuring episodes 7 to 12.

The official Japanese Pokémon website had a news article and the offical AniPoke PR Twitter account also posted to promote this showing.


The Summer is for Pokémon! Pika Free Streaming Campaign! (夏はやっぱりポケモン!ピカッと無料一挙配信キャンペーン) was held from July 28th, 2023 to August 25th, 2023. Episodes 1 through 12 of the 2023 Pocket Monsters TV anime series was streamed all at once on the official Japanese Pokémon YouTube channel. It was region locked to Japan. Viewers could watch the adventures of the main characters, Liko and Roy, all at once!

Sources: https://www.pokemon.co.jp/info/2023/07/230721_a01.html and https://twitter.com/anipoke_PR/status/1684745492616622081

Production Art

The official Japanese Anime PR Twitter account posted a behind-the-scenes look at the making of this Anipoke episode with a production artwork piece on May 11th, 2023. The picture featured Hogator and Nyahoja.

This time, it's an original drawing of Nyahoja and Hogator from episode 6.
Liko and Roy, as well as Nyahoja and Hogator
Everyone works together... and now, the battle is on!


Special First-Airing Segment PM2023 Data Broadcast


Eyecatch PM2023

Amethyo and Soublades

Eyecatch PM2023

Roy and Hogator

Pokémon Seminar Pokémon Seminar

Pokémon Seminar - Professor Friede and Captain Pikachu share their knowledge of Pokémon.
This time... it's the Fire Blades Pokémon Soublades!
If you are cut by its two sword blades, something will begin to flow out...
Now, which of the these three is it?
A: Water
B: Nutrients
C: Life force
Answer: C: Life force

ポケモンゼミ フリードとキャプテンピカチュウが、ポケモンに関する知識を紹介
今回は…ひのけんしポケモンソウブレイズ 特徴でもある両腕の剣できられると、あるものが流れ出してしまうのですが… さて、あるものとは3つのうちどれでしょう?
A: 水分
B: 栄養
C: 生命力
ひのけんしポケモンソウブレイズ の剣できられると流れ出してしまうもの正解は…C:生命力

The official Japanese Anime PR Twitter account also posted the Question and the answer on May 13th/14th, 2023.
Episode Music Regions
Music Player

Japanese Music:

Time Track Notes
Japan 00:00 SV M29 The Explorers Liko recaps the previous episode
Japan 00:49 ドキメキダイアリー (Anime Size)
Japanese (Romanized): Dokimeki Diary (Anime Size)
Japanese (TL): Thrillciting Diary (Anime Size)
Japanese Opening Theme
Japan 02:19 SV M05 Title Card Title card
Japan 02:36 SV M31 Battling the Villians Friede is stopped by Zir and Conia.
Japan 03:57 SV M42 Running Away Nyahoja and Hogator's abilities activate.
Japan 04:54 SV M51 Discovery The ancient monster ball opens! (Goes into the eyecatch)
Japan 05:27 SV M09 Eyecatch D Eyecatch return
Japan 05:32 SV M52 Rising Volt Tacklers 5 Rayquaza appears!
Japan 08:23 SV M16 Gurumin / Next Time Gurumin livestream
Japan 09:24 SV M53 Ancient Discovery Roy's Grandfather explains the story behind the ball.
Japan 10:17 SV M35 Flashback Liko asks about her pendant.
Japan 12:23 SV M36 Meeting New Friends Hogator spits out a monster ball at Roy.
Japan 14:34 SV M10 Start of an Adventure Liko suggests to Roy that he should travel.
Japan 15:38 SV M54 Future Aspirations Roy explains why he wants to go travelling with the RVT.
Japan 16:40 SV M04 Victory! Trainer Roy's grandfather hands him a bag.
Japan 17:19 SV M44 Explorers Communicate Amethio talks with Master Gibeon.
Japan 19:28 SV M39 The Rising Volt Tacklers 4 Roy reveals the flag for the Brave Asagi that he found.
Japan 21:45 RVR Rising Volt Tacklers Rap [Mollie Ver.] Japanese Ending Theme [Mollie Ver.]
Japan 23:15 SV M34 Pokémon Lecture Pokémon Lecture Question
Japan 23:37 SV M34 Pokémon Lecture Pokémon Lecture Answer (Starts 4 seconds in)
Japan 24:00 SV M16 Gurumin / Next Time Pocket Monsters (2023) Episode 7 Preview

Music Statistics:

Number of Assigned Tracks to the Japanese Original: 21
Number of Assigned Tracks to the English Dub: 0
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The Explorers confront the Rising Volt Tacklers. Just then, Liko's pendant starts shining again! And something strange happens with the "ancient monster ball" Roy has...?!

The Explorers disembark on the island and confront the Rising Volt Tacklers, wanting Liko and the pendant. The Nyahoja and Hogator team put up a good fight as Liko and Roy take them on together, but Amethio and Armorga catch them off guard and close in on them. Just then, Liko's pendant starts shining again! And something strange happens with the "ancient monster ball" Roy has...?!

Voice Cast:
Minori Suzuki: Liko
Megumi Hayashibara: Nyahoja
Yuka Terasaki: Roy
Daiki Yamashita: Hogator
Taku Yashiro: Friede
Ayane Sakura: Orio
Kenta Miyake: Murdock
Kei Shindo: Molly
Ikkyu Juku: Randou
Shun Horie: Amethio
Kohsuke Tanabe: Zir
Arisa Shida: Conia
Show Hayami: Gibeon
Makoto Furukawa: Spinel
Hironori Kondo: Hamber
Jin Urayama: Roy's Grandfather
Yoshino Aoyama: Gurumin
Daisuke Namikawa: Kuwassu
Ikue Ohtani: Captain Pikachu
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