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Pokémon UNITE has been updated adding new content to the game including new Holowear and Delphox has been added to the game.

YouTube Clip - Delphox Character Spotlight | Pokémon UNITE

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=njfuSnjm5PA

YouTube Clip - Battle Pass Peak Condition has begun!

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrNItb0cOks

1. Season 8 of Battle Pass - Peak Condition starts on June 9th, 2022!

On Thursday, June 9th, 2022 at 9:00 a.m. JST, the Battle Pass Season 8 will begin! You can get the holowear "Champion Style Dragonite" and "Bujutsu Style Lucario" with this Premium Pass! Feel like a champion and enjoy the UNITE battles!

2. Entering the fray on June 9th, 2022! Delphox


Delphox's Unite License will be available from 9:00 a.m. on Thursday, June 9th, 2022. Delphox is a Ranged Attacker Pokémon and its Unite move is Fanciful Fireworks (Magical Festival マジカルフェスティバル). Fanciful Fireworks will deal damage over time to opposing Pokémon in its area of effect, decreasing their movement speed and weakening their HP recovery effects for a short time!

Fire Spin creates a vortex of fire in a designated area that moves towards the nearest opposing Pokémon. After a short time, the flames increase in intensity, increasing the rate at which damage is dealt and leaving opponents unable to act. Don’t play with fire!


Delphox is now available along with Orange and Purple UNITE Style holowear!

3. Play lots of Battles and Get Rewards!


Collect Gold Badges by completing the event missions starting on June 9th, 2022 and exchange them for various items. The main reward for the first round is Practice Style Mamoswine.
*Reward exchange period for the first round: June 9th, 2022 to June 30th, 2022 at 8:59 JST.

Source: https://www.pokemonunite.jp/ja/news/61/

Delphox and the Season 8 Battle Pass Are Now Available in Pokémon UNITE

Smoke the competition with a Ranged Attacker that spins, blasts, and flings fire.

Pokémon UNITE's Season 8 battle pass—titled Peak Condition—is now available. Through July 20, the Peak Condition battle pass offers exciting new rewards, stylish Trainer fashion items, and new Holowear, such as Champion Style: Dragonite, Martial Arts Style: Lucario, and Armor Style: Sylveon!

Each Pokémon UNITE battle pass consists of 60 battle pass levels with thrilling missions and corresponding rewards available at each level. Complete daily, weekly, and seasonal battle pass missions to obtain battle pass points to increase your battle pass level and unlock new rewards. Players can also exchange Aeos gems for a premium pass, providing them with additional rewards, such as rare Holowear, when their battle pass level increases. And a premium pass plus automatically increases a player's battle pass level by 10.

In addition to the excitement of a new battle pass, players can also get fired up for Delphox's arrival in Pokémon UNITE. This Ranged Attacker is ready to spin, blast, and fling fire at any Pokémon who dares to stand against it. Delphox's basic attack becomes boosted with every third attack, dealing increased damage to any Pokémon it hits. Delphox starts out each match as Fennekin, evolving into Braixen at Lv. 4, and evolving again into Delphox at Lv. 6. Delphox's Ability, Blaze, allows Delphox to deal additional damage while at low HP by flinging a fireball at opposing Pokémon when it uses a move. This Ability goes on a short cooldown after it's triggered.

Fennekin, Braixen, and Delphox's Moves

At Lv. 1 and Lv. 3, Fennekin can learn Ember and Will-O-Wisp.

When using Ember, Fennekin shoots a small flame in front of itself, damaging opposing Pokémon that get hit by the fire. When using Will-O-Wisp, Fennekin conjures three sinister flames and launches them toward a designated area. These flames then explode, damaging opposing Pokémon caught in the explosion and decreasing their movement speed for a short time.

At Lv. 4, Fennekin evolves into Braixen. Then, at Lv. 6, Braixen evolves into Delphox, and at the same time, Ember can be upgraded into one of two ferociously fiery moves: Fire Blast or Mystical Fire.

Fire Blast has Delphox launch intense, all-consuming fire in a forward direction, damaging opposing Pokémon in the fire's path. As the fire travels, it leaves behind a zone of flames that erupts in a delayed explosion, damaging opposing Pokémon in the area of effect. Fire Blast can be upgraded to increase the damage it deals.

Ember can also be upgraded into the move Mystical Fire. When using Mystical Fire, Delphox unleashes a special, hot ball of fire in a forward direction. The fireball explodes if it hits an opposing Pokémon, dealing damage to opposing Pokémon in the area of effect. Mystical Fire can be upgraded to reduce the cooldown of all moves if it hits an opposing Pokémon—and if it specifically hits a Pokémon on the opposing team, the cooldowns are reduced even more.

At Lv. 7, Will-O-Wisp can be upgraded into one of two blistering moves: Fire Spin or Flame Charge.

When using Fire Spin, Delphox creates a vortex of fire in a designated area. This vortex targets the nearest opposing Pokémon and moves toward it, dealing damage over time to all opposing Pokémon caught in the area of effect for a short time and decreasing their movement speed. After a set amount of time passes, or if an opposing Pokémon is caught in the center of the vortex, the flames increase in intensity, dealing even greater damage over time and leaving all opposing Pokémon in its area of effect unable to act for a short time. Fire Spin can be upgraded to increase the damage it deals to opposing Pokémon in its area of effect after its flames have intensified.

As the name suggests, Flame Charge sends Delphox charging forward in a designated direction. If any opposing Pokémon are in range of Delphox when its charge ends, Delphox summons three flames that deal damage to opposing Pokémon and decrease their movement speed for a short time. Delphox can use this move while it's using Fire Blast or Mystical Fire. Flame Charge can be upgraded to increase Delphox's movement speed for a short time when it's used.

Delphox's Unite Move, Fanciful Fireworks

Put on a show with Delphox's fiery Unite Move, Fanciful Fireworks. This showstopping attack deals damage over time to opposing Pokémon within its area of effect. Opposing Pokémon damaged by Fanciful Fireworks have their movement speed decreased and their HP recovery effects weakened for a short time.

Delphox is ready to scorch the competition. Blaze over to the Unite Battle Committee shop to get Delphox's Unite license now.

Source: https://www.pokemon.com/us/pokemon-news/delphox-and-the-season-8-battle-pass-are-now-available-in-pokemon-unite/
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