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PocketMonsters.net is a fansite dedicated to all things Pokémon (ポケモン) and Pocket Monsters (ポケットモンスター). We are the premier site for news and information about all aspects of the franchise from around the world. We cover the Anime, indexing the music, the Trading Card Game, the Games, the variety shows, have a large imageboard, forum and much more. Follow us on Twitter and Subscribe to our RSS Feed for the latest updates!
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Upcoming Episodes

New episodes of the Pocket Monsters anime air Thursday evenings at 6:55PM JST and new episodes of the variety show Pokénchi air Sunday mornings at 8:00 AM JST on TV Tokyo in Japan. Pokémon airs Saturday morning at 9 AM EST and every Saturday and Sunday evening at 7:30 PM on Disney XD in the United States. Pokémon the Series also airs every weekday at 4 PM. Pokémon airs Saturday's at Noon EST on Teletoon in Canada. New titles are revealed in various publications such as: TV guides, childrens' magazines, anime magazines, promotional posters and videos, official websites and official television programs. Titles and their translations are added to our episode guide and the chart below when the titles are revealed.
Date Title(s)
Jul 26 2018 Flag SM 83: サトシ、ちいさくなる
Satoshi Becomes Tiny
Aug 02 2018 Flag SM 84: 家族のカタチ、ベベノムのキモチ!
The Shape of Family: Bevenom's Feelings!
Aug 06 2018 Flag SMUA 21: Turning Heads and Training Hard!
Satoshi and Nagetukesaru! A Touchdown of Friendship!!
Aug 09 2018 Flag SM 85: トンデノボッテ、ツンデツンデ!
Leap 'n' Climb: Tundetunde!
Apr 15

Pokemon TCG Events Canceled due to Blackmail Threat

Posted by | April 15th 2008 at 05:47 PM EDT
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A blackmail letter threatening to disrupt an event featuring the popular Pokemon character has led its organizer to cancel several shows, officials at Pokemon Company said.

The Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) has started investigating the case on suspicion of forcible obstruction of business.

"We thought the safety of our customers is our top priority. We deeply apologize for the cancellation," a company spokesman said.

Pokemon Company, based in Tokyo's Chiyoda-ku, announced it will cancel Pokemon card game events that were slated to be held in Tokyo, Nagoya and Fukuoka between April 12 and 29.

The announcement came after the company received an anonymous letter threatening to disrupt the Pokemon event that was slated to be held in Tokyo on April 12 and 13.

Though the letter only referred to the Tokyo venue, the company decided to also cancel Pokemon events that were scheduled to be held in Nagoya on April 20 and in Fukuoka on April 29.

Source: Mainichi Japan
Apr 15

Kaze no Message CD Artwork Revealed

Posted by | April 15th 2008 at 05:42 PM EDT
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On May 28th, Pikachu Records will release the first Pokemon CD of 2008, Kaze no Message, with a limited-edition CD release and a CD/DVD release.

Below is a track listing. The track list is not finalized.
Track 1 - Kaze no Message (Message of the Wind)
Track 2 - Konoyubitomare (Follow Me)
Track 3 - Pokemon March Medley
Track 4 - Konoyubitomare (Original Karaoke) / Follow Me (Original Karaoke)

DVD Tracks
1. Kaze no Message (TV Version - Credit/lyric-less)
2. Kaze no Message (Full Size - Credit/lyrics)
3. Kaze no Message (Full Size - Karaoke/lyrics)
Apr 09

Nintendo and Pokemon USA Take on TCG Counterfeiters

Posted by | April 9th 2008 at 09:50 AM EDT
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Nintendo and Pokemon USA have just concluded a campaign to stop card counterfeiters in what is apparently a multi-million dollar industry counterfeiting Pokemon trading cards.

On March 26, law enforcement officials in New York raided seven stores known to be selling fraudulent Pokemon Trading Card Game merchandise. Thousands of products were seized, and several arrests were made. In early April, one action at a production facility in China secured nearly 1.2 million counterfeit cards and investigations continue.

During the past 16 months, more than 47 million counterfeit products have been seized at production facilities in Thailand, Singapore, Poland, Italy, the Czech Republic, Australia and China. One 2007 seizure in China netted more than 26 million illegally produced cards.

Nintendo says that it, along with Pokemon, will continue to target the retailers and manufacturers trafficking in counterfeit Pokemon product.

“Pokemon wants to send a message to importers and producers that we will not stand for the distribution of fraudulent Pokmon product,” says Pokemon spokesperson, J.C. Smith. “Pokemon is committed to ensuring our fans receive the quality product they've come to expect.”

Source: g4tv
Apr 08

'Pokemon Diamond and Pearl: Battle Dimension' Annouced - Begins Airing April 12th

Posted by | April 8th 2008 at 02:55 AM EDT
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Pokemon.com announced today that the Pokemon animated series is returning to Cartoon Network with a brand-new season. Pokemon Diamond and Pearl: Battle Dimension, Pokemon's 11th season, will kick off on Cartoon Network this Saturday April 12th at 9:30am.

Ash and his friends head to Veilstone City, the location of the next gym. During the trip, the party has a picnic. However, Chimchar is confused with the harmonious atmosphere, because this has never happened in its journey with Paul who has given it nothing but cold and harsh training.

Source: Pokemon.com
Apr 03

Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl 73 & 74

Posted by | April 3rd 2008 at 06:11 PM EDT
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Goodbye, Dokucale! is the 73rd episode of Diamond & Pearl. It aired in Japan on April 3, 2008, along with DP074 as a one-hour special.

DP73 Episode Screenshots: Click Here

DP74 Episode Screenshots: Click Here

You can view larger screenshots from this episode by visiting the Imageboard. There you can post your own screenshots and discuss the latest episode.
Mar 29

FCC Fines WCIU-TV $16.5K Over Pokemon Characters Appearing in Ads

Posted by | March 29th 2008 at 02:17 PM EDT
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A Chicago TV station got burned by limited-edition Pokemon Eggo waffles and kicked by Fruit by the Foot. The Federal Communications Commission Friday proposed fining the station, WCIU-TV, $16,500 for a series of violations of its limits on commercials during kids’ TV shows, including six program-length commercials.

Chicago Station Aired Ads for Limited-Edition Pokemon Eggo Waffles, General Mills 'Fruit by the Foot'

The FCC said any appearance of a character from a TV show in a commercial placed within that show turns the whole program into a commercial.

Six of those program-length commercials involved Pokemon, but let's let the FCC's Media Bureau, with some help from the station, describe it: "The licensee stated that on four occasions, the station aired a commercial for Eggo waffles containing ‘fleeting images’ of a Pokemon character during the Pokemon program," the bureau said in its notice proposing the fine.

"According to the licensee’s description, a Pokemon character appeared during the commercial and transformed 'into an embossed image of itself on several Eggo waffles' while the announcer stated, 'And look out for limited-edition Pokemon Eggo waffles,’” the Media Bureau continued. “‘You can catch ‘em all.' Further, the licensee reported that on two occasions, the station aired a commercial for a General Mills 'Fruit by the Foot' product containing a 'fleeting appearance' by a Pokemon character during the Pokemon program.”

The station argued that the appearances were fleeting, minor, would not have harmed a child viewer and didn't turn the shows into commercials. The FCC disagreed.
Source: http://www.broadcastingcable.com

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