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PocketMonsters.net is a fansite dedicated to all things Pokémon (ポケモン) and Pocket Monsters (ポケットモンスター). We are the premier site for news and information about all aspects of the franchise from around the world. We cover the Anime, indexing the music, the Trading Card Game, the Games, the variety shows, have a large imageboard, forum and much more. Follow us on Twitter and Subscribe to our RSS Feed for the latest updates!

Upcoming Episodes

New titles are revealed in various publications such as: TV guides, childrens' magazines, anime magazines, promotional posters and videos, official websites and official television programs. Titles and their translations are added to our episode guide and the chart below when the titles are revealed.
Date Title(s)
Sep 23 2018 Flag POKENCHI 153: あばれる君のポケモン交換旅、今回は愛知県 / ポケだちが通う新体操の教室でドッキリ / SKE48も合流してポケだちと水遊び!
Abareru-kun's Pokémon Trade Journey, This Installment in Which He Heads to Aichi / Pulling a Prank in a Rhythic Gymnastics Classroom Where a Pokénd Attends Class / A Water Fight with Pokénds Where SKE48 Joins in as Well!
Oct 07 2018 Flag SM 91: 大量発生チュウ!ピカチュウのたに!!
It's an Outbreak-chu! The Pikachu Valley!!
Mar 08

Pocket Monsters Movie 10 Trailer

Posted by | March 8th 2007 at 09:10 PM EST
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Mar 07

Weekly Photoshop Challenge on the Imageboards - Week 2

Posted by | March 7th 2007 at 08:18 PM EST
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Photoshop challenge is easy. Download the image, open it up in your favorite photo-editing software, modify the picture to make it funny/different/whatever, then upload your image by replying to the thread.

The Weekly Photoshop challenges will start each Wednesday. All images must be in by Midnight on the Tuesday that week. The winner will get their Photo placed on the main page of Pocketmonsters.net for all visitors to see. Voting will take place on Wednesday's as well. All votes should be cast by 8pm EST on Wednesday's as the next weeks image will be posted with the previous weeks winners picture.

Week 2 - Wednesday March 7, 2007 to Tuesday March 13, 2007 (11:59pm EST) Have fun editing what's on Team Rockets Laptop.

Week 1 Winner was Gremolin. Congratulations you received the most votes this week. It was a close vote though. Only one vote seperated first and second. The runner up was `Sensei picture.

Mar 07

Pokemon Battle Revolution - June 25, 2007

Posted by | March 7th 2007 at 06:44 PM EST
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Nintendo released a Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Press pack today. It included a new picture from the upcoming english versions of Diamond and Pearl. Two moves that Lucario can learn were revealed in the picture. You can view all the pictures from the press pack on our Imageboard.

Force Palm - Fighting
Me First - Normal

REDMOND, Wash., March 7, 2007 Wii owners of all ages have discovered the fun of playing with a group of friends in the same room. Now for the first time players can compete with one another near and far with Pokemon Battle Revolution, a game of remarkable firsts:

* the first Wii game to include NintendoR Wi-Fi Connection play
* the first Pokemon game for Wii
* the first game to link Wii and the hand-held Nintendo DS?
* and the first Wii game that can be controlled using Nintendo DS

When Wii and Nintendo DS are linked, players can use their Nintendo DS units as controllers or import characters from the upcoming Nintendo DS games Pokemon Diamond Version or Pokemon Pearl Version. Pokemon Battle Revolution launches on June 25 exclusively for Wii and brings a dramatic new chapter to the Pokemon franchise, which has sold more than 155 million units worldwide. Pokemon Battle Revolution also serves as one of the standouts in Nintendo's second-quarter launch lineup, which the company revealed today in conjunction with the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.

Pokemon Battle Revolution will be joined by Super Paper Mario, the first Mario game for Wii; Mario Party 8, a multiplayer party game; and Big Brain Academy, a brain-training game that builds on the phenomenal success of the Nintendo DS brain games. These will add to the ever-growing library of Wii games, which will total more than 50 by the end of June. Nintendo DS fans will see the arrival of Pokemon Diamond Version and Pokemon Pearl Version, two surefire smash-hits.

"With strong third-party support, Wii and Nintendo DS have games on the way for both casual and veteran gamers," says Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime. "Our new ways to play have attracted millions of players around the world. This lineup demonstrates our commitment to leading the industry with the future of video gaming."

Third-party publishers also have stepped up their support of both Wii and Nintendo DS, recognizing these systems as the hottest things going in the video game industry. The list of games for April, May and June includes the following:

June 25 Pokemon Battle Revolution Nintendo

Nintendo DS
April 22 Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl Nintendo

Source: http://press.nintendo.com/articles.jsp?id=11634
Mar 01

Pre-Order Pokemon Movie 9 - Pokemon Ranger & The Temple of the Sea (Amazon.com Exclusive 3 Disk Set)

Posted by | March 1st 2007 at 04:16 AM EST
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Amazon has now posted the full information for the Movie 9 DVD pre-order. This is one of the best deals ever for a Pokemon Movie on DVD. We suggest that you Pre-Order you copy now so your in line to get this great deal.

Number of discs: 3
3 Disc BONUS: OVA + Pokemon Advanced Battle Vol. 1
DVD Release Date: April 3, 2007

It all started with a legend passed down from the People of the Water... Somewhere in this world, there is a Sea Temple created by the People of the Water. The Sea Temple contains a hidden treasure called the Sea Crown, but no one has ever seen the Sea Crown, or even the Sea Temple, because the temple is protected by a secret mechanism. The temple drifts through a vast ocean undetected, waiting... waiting...

Ash and Pikachu meet Lizabeth, a descendant of the People of the Water, and learn about the legend. They also meet Jackie, a Pokemon Ranger on a secret mission to protect a Manaphy egg (Manaphy is mysteriously known as The Prince of the Sea) and find the Sea Temple as well. The Phantom plans to obtain the Sea Crown and take over the world - but first he needs the Manaphy egg. Now Lizabeth and Ash must help Jackie protect the egg and stop the nefarious pirate! What is the Sea Crown? How does Manaphy's mysterious power connect it to the Sea Temple? Can Ash help Jackie complete his mission? Premium:

THE AMAZON EXCLUSIVE INCLUDES POKEMON MOVIE 9 (2 DISC SET) PLUS BONUS DISC: "Pokemon Advanced Battle Vol. 1 (DVD)" Synopsis of Pokemon Advanced Battle Vol. 1 (includes 5 episodes): Ash and his friends continue their adventures, this time visiting Maisie Island, Wazoo Island, and the ABC Islands on their way to Mossdeep City and the Hoenn League. Ash is ready to win his eighth badge--catch the action during the Showdown at Linoone!

Ep. 1: Clamperl of Wisdom The kids go after a rare pearl in peril, but it's Spoink who saves the day in this case of mistaken pearl-dentity!

Ep. 2: The Relicanth Really Can Ash and friends go sub to sub with Team Rocket when they're after the same deep-sea treasure! Who will take a dive in this watery battle?

Ep. 3: The Evolutionary War A stop at a Pokemon Center lands Ash in the middle of an island rivalry! Is the secret behind Clamperl's evolution the key to a truce?

Ep. 4: Training Wrecks On Muscle Island, Ash ends up in heavyweight trouble when he takes on head trainer Rocky in a double battle!

Ep. 5: Gaining Groudon Ledendary Pokemon and powerful orbs are at stake when the crew find themselves in the middle of an elemental struggle!

You can Pre-Order the 3 Disk set by clicking here.
Feb 27

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl - Season 10 will not air in March

Posted by | February 27th 2007 at 12:37 AM EST
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Contrary to many sites posting information that the next season of Pokemon, Diamond and Pearl, would air on March 10th, the NYC Comiccon Pokemon Voice Actors panel said they have not begun dubbing the new season.

"First off, I asked the director if they started to dub season 10 yet, and she said that they didn't even start yet. And the new voice of Brock (Bill Rodgers) also said that there are only abou1 or 2 episodes left. So, the first episodes of DP will most likely NOT be part of season 9. Toonzone probably just made a mistake when they said it was going to air in March" (Pokeyug)

Pokemon USA also would not say who was leaving the cast at the end of the current season. They also showed the first 7 minutes of movie 9 dub. It seems likely that the Diamond and Pearl anime will air around the same time the new games launch in North America similar to the way it was launched in Japan.

PPN has also discovered that Cartoon Network has updated their schedule and it's now blank where it earlier said 'New Episode' for Pokemon's 9:30 am Saturday 3/10 timeslot.

UPDATE: Cartoon Network has updated their website confirming our earlier information that the Diamond and Pearl anime will not air March 10th.

Thanks to Pokeyug for allowing us to post this information. More information as it becomes available.
Feb 26

Nintendo Power Volume 214 - April 2007 includes Diamond and Pearl information

Posted by | February 26th 2007 at 09:42 PM EST
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The latest issue of Nintendo Power (April 2007 - Volume 214) includes a article entitled 'Creature Features' that has some information on the new Diamond and Pearl game for the Nintendo DS. You can view scans of the issue on our imageboard here. Most of the information is already public knowledge now, but this issue confirms 7 english names of 4th Generation Pokemon as well as discuss the new game. A great read for those of you that are anticipating the new games release. Thanks goes to Dratini927 for the scans.

Nintendo Power Magazine is the premier source of previews, sneak peeks and strategy straight from the pros at Nintendo. Every issue brings you game ratings, secret codes, short cuts, "cheats," maps, moves and much, much more. Only one magazine keeps you in the game and helps you stay alive! You can order 1 year of Nintendo Power for $19.99 US by clicking here You can also buy the issue on your local newstand.

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