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PocketMonsters.net is a fansite dedicated to all things Pokémon (ポケモン) and Pocket Monsters (ポケットモンスター). We are the premier site for news and information about all aspects of the franchise from around the world. We cover the Anime, indexing the music, the Trading Card Game, the Games, the variety shows, have a large imageboard, forum and much more. Follow us on Twitter and Subscribe to our RSS Feed for the latest updates!

Upcoming Episodes

New titles are revealed in various publications such as: TV guides, childrens' magazines, anime magazines, promotional posters and videos, official websites and official television programs. Titles and their translations are added to our episode guide and the chart below when the titles are revealed.
Date Title(s)
Jun 12 2020 Flag PJ 5: Mind-Boggling Dynamax!
Kabigon Grows Gigantic?! The Mystery of Daimax!!
Jul 10 2020 Flag Movie 23: ココ
Jan 01 3000 Flag PM2019 23: 大パニック!サクラギパーク!!
Massive Panic! Sakuragi Park!!
Feb 02 3000 Flag PM2019 24: 休め!ロケット団!!
Rest, Rocket Gang!!
Mar 03 3000 Flag PM2019 25: 命爆発バトルフェス!VSメガルカリオ!!
A Battle Festival Exploding With Life! VS Mega Lucario!!
Apr 04 3000 Flag PM2019 26: はねろ!コイキング / かぶれ!ヤドキング
Splash, Koiking! / Crown Yourself, Yadoking!
May 05 3000 Flag PM2019 27: 英雄伝説!ダンデ最強バトル!!
The Legend of Heroes! Dande's Ultimate Battle!
Jun 06 3000 Flag PM2019 28: めそめそメッソン
Messon Sobs For What Reason?
Jul 07 3000 Flag PM2019 29: パチパチやきもち!ワンパチのきもち
One Crackling Fit of Jealousy: Wanpachi's Fantasy
May 25

Pokemon Battle Revolution English Commerical

Posted by Sunain | May 25th 2007 at 04:22 PM EDT
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May 22

Movie 10 OST, Together2007 and Sarah Brightman CD Single Announced

Posted by Sunain | May 22nd 2007 at 09:08 PM EDT
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The release dates for the Movie 10 OST CD and Sarah Brightman's single CD have been announced.

Sarah Brightman featuring Chris Thompson - I Will Be With You (Where the Lost Ones Go) (Movie Version)
Release Date: 2007/07/11
Record Label: EMI
Record Number: TOCP-40200
Price: 500yen

1. Be With You (Movie Version)
2. Be With You (Movie Version/Instrumental)

10th Anniversary Theater Version Pocket Monster Diamond&Pearl - Dialga VS Palkia VS Darkrai
Record Number: ZMCP 3528
Release Date: 2007/07/25
Price: 2,940yen
Pre-Order on ( Amazon.co.jp)

This year's movie 10 OST is a two disk collection: a CD and DVD. The DVD will include footage and extra material from the previous movies. Moreover, the first run cd will be labeled the "10th Anniversary Gold package". The track list has yet to be announced but it has been confirmed that the opening tune "Together2007 (movie size)" will be included. Sarah Brightman's ending theme song "Be With You" will not be included on the OST and will only be available by purchasing the above CD Single.

Record Number: ZMCP-3527
Release Date: 2007/07/18
Price: 1365yen
CD Length: 20 minutes (Approx)
Pre-Order on (Amazon.co.jp)

1. Together2007
2. Oracion (Temporary Title)
3. Kimi no Soba de (Popup Version)

Oracion (Temporary Title) is the theme from the 10th movie "Dialga VS Palkia VS Darkrai" that Shinji Miyazaki composed and arranged.

Needless to say, July will be an exciting month for Pocket Monsters Music fans with three seperate CD releases. You can view higher resolution cover scans on the Imageboard.
May 14

Pokemon Marathon June 2nd - June 3rd on Cartoon Network

Posted by Sunain | May 14th 2007 at 01:23 AM EDT
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The June schedule for Cartoon Network has been posted. The first weekend of June will be a Pokemon Marathon on Cartoon Network.

"For every non-Adult Swim hour of the 2nd and the 3rd, Cartoon Network will be airing Pokemon episodes from Seasons 1-9. These include episodes from the fourth and sixth seasons which CN never got around to airing for some reason.

Below is a list of which episodes are airing when, courtesty of Toon Zone. As with everything else on Cartoon Network, this is all subject to change." Source: Dogasu (Forum Thread - http://bmgf.bulbagarden.net/showthread.php?p=366064)

Pokemon Marathon Schedule

June 2nd, 2007

June 3rd, 2007

  1. 06:00AM 141 "The Problem with Paras"
  2. 06:30AM 145 "Holy Matrimony"
  3. 07:00AM 151 "The Ultimate Test"
  4. 07:30AM 152 "The Breeding Center Secret"
  5. 08:00AM 105 "Showdown in Pewter City"
  6. 08:30AM 108 "The Path to the Pokemon League"
  7. 09:00AM 109 "The School of Hard Knocks"
  8. 09:30AM 201 "Princess vs. Princess"
  9. 10:00AM 203 "Riddle Me This"
  10. 10:30AM 204 "Volcanic Panic"
  11. 11:00AM 207 "Clefairy Tales"
  12. 11:30AM 214 "The Pi-Kahuna"
  13. 12:00PM 225 "A Friend in Deed"
  14. 12:30PM 226 "Friend & Foe Alike"
  15. 01:00PM 306 "Hello Pummelo"
  16. 01:30PM 307 "Enter the Dragonite"
  17. 02:00PM 312 "Don't Touch That 'Dile"
  18. 02:30PM 313 "The Double Trouble Header"
  19. 03:00PM 321 "The Chikorita Rescue"
  20. 03:30PM 329 "Charizard's Burning Ambition"
  21. 04:00PM 335 "Wired for Battle"
  22. 04:30PM 401 "A Goldenrod Opportunity"
  23. 05:00PM 402 "A Dairy Tale Ending"
  24. 05:30PM 403 "Air Time"
  25. 06:00PM 429 "UnBEARable"
  26. 06:30PM 435 "The Wayward Wobbuffet"
  27. 07:00PM 441 "The Heartbreak of Brock"
  28. 07:30PM 443 "Turning Over a New Bayleef"
  29. 08:00PM 508 "The Perfect Match!"
  30. 08:30PM 511 "The Mystery Is History"
  31. 09:00PM 512 "A Parent Trapped!"
  32. 09:30PM 513 "A Promise Is A Promise"
  33. 10:00PM 518 "For Ho-Oh The Bell Tolls"
  34. 10:30PM 523 "Just Waiting On A Friend"
  1. 06:00AM 610 "Johto Photo Finish"
  2. 06:30AM 611 "Gotta Catch Ya Later!"
  3. 07:00AM 613 "Get the Show on the Road!"
  4. 07:30AM 619 "Tree's A Crowd"
  5. 08:00AM 627 "Gonna Rule The School!"
  6. 08:30AM 629 "Stairway to Devon"
  7. 09:00AM 639 "A Three Team Scheme!"
  8. 09:30AM 703 "Let Bagons Be Bagons"
  9. 10:00AM 704 "The Princess and the Togepi"
  10. 10:30AM 707 "I Feel Skitty!"
  11. 11:00AM 714 "Fight for the Meteorite"
  12. 11:30AM 721 "Disaster of Disguise"
  13. 12:00PM 722 "Disguise Da Limit"
  14. 12:30PM 729 "Love, Petalburg Style!"
  15. 01:00PM 730 "Balance of Power"
  16. 01:30PM 731 "A Six Pack Attack"
  17. 02:00PM 736 "Me, Myself and Time"
  18. 02:30PM 742 "A Shroomish Skirmish"
  19. 03:00PM 746 "Light’s Camerupt, Action!"
  20. 03:30PM 805 "Gaining Groudon"
  21. 04:00PM 806 "The Scuffle of Legends"
  22. 04:30PM 811 "A Cacturne For The Worse"
  23. 05:00PM 812 "Claydol, Big and Tall"
  24. 05:30PM 813 "Once in a Mawile"
  25. 06:00PM 817 "Do I Hear a Ralts?"
  26. 06:30PM 825 "Berry, Berry Interesting"
  27. 07:00PM 826 "Less Is Morrison"
  28. 07:30PM 902 "Sweet Baby James!"
  29. 08:00PM 908 "Tactics Theatrics!"
  30. 08:30PM 910 "The Green Guardian"
  31. 09:00PM 921 "Curbing the Crimson Tide!"
  32. 09:30PM 922 "What I Did For Love!"

May 13

#PocketMonsters Second Anniversary

Posted by Sunain | May 13th 2007 at 08:23 PM EDT
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The Second Anniversary of #PocketMonsters is May 14th, 2007 and one of the things that staff is working on is to actually make a real website. We have been using a temporary site since we formed the channel. Now that we have a stable irc channel/network running smoothly, we are now focusing on the website.

We would love to hear your suggestions, comments, offer assistance, ect for PocketMonsters.net. The staff has quite a few features that we would like to implement and are currently working on.

Thanks for your suggestions. Be sure to join us on #[email protected]

You can post comments by visiting the forum thread.

You can download higher resolution wallpapers of the above image on our Imageboard. Thanks to Gremolin for making the wallpapers for us.
May 08

Pokemon Ranger for the Nintendo DS #1 in Italy and Spain

Posted by Sunain | May 8th 2007 at 11:59 AM EDT
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Pokemon Ranger for the Nintendo DS remains at the top of the charts in Italy and Spain during April. Nintendo DS titles took six of the top ten positions in Spain.

Spain, week ended April 29
1. Pokemon Ranger
2. Hotel Dusk: Room 215
3. Dr Kawashima's Brain Training
4. Wii Play
5. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
6. Horsez
7. New Super Mario Bros.
8. Animal Crossing: Wild World
9. Metal Gear Solid; Portable Ops
10. Pro Evolution Soccer 6

Italy, week ended April 29
1. Pokemon Ranger
2. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
3. Pro Evolution Soccer 6
4. Who wants to be a Millionaire: Party Edition
5. Dr Kawashima's Brain Training
6. Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaiachi 2
7. Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories
8. UEFA Champions League 2006
May 08

Pokemon North American launch more than doubles DS Wi-Fi activity

Posted by Sunain | May 8th 2007 at 11:55 AM EDT
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Many of you that have bought Pokemon Diamond and Pearl have probably played online already. One of the great new features of the fourth generation Pokemon games is the ability to play with people online. This feature has made Nintendo Wifi a huge success as the following article explains. Be sure to join our chat room at #[email protected] to trade and battle with people online.

"With over a million copies of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl unleashed into the North American market on April 22nd, it was always clear the two Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection-enabled games would have a massive impact on overall usage of the multiplayer matching service.

Sure enough, compared to figures from three weeks ago, which saw activity peaking at around 300,000 users, the Pokemon boost has already driven it over the 800,000 mark.

What's most interesting is the sheer enthusiasm of American and Canadian players to go online compared to their Japanese equivalents.

In contrast, the addition of one million US and Canadians players has boosted the total of online Pokemon masters to 430,000, suggesting that around a third of US players have taken their game online, and making the games by far and away the most popular on the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

The top 10 games on the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection
As of: Saturday 5th May.

1. Pokemon Diamond (255,046 players, Japan/US only)
2. Pokemon Pearl (172,472, Japan/US only)
3. Animal Crossing: Wild World (74,496)
4. Mario Kart DS (59,019)
5. Metroid: Prime Hunters (39,814)
6. Tetris DS (23,962)
7. Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker (23,273, Japan only)
8. Jump! Ultimate Stars (23,215, Japan only)
9. Pokemon Battle Revolution (11,452, Japan only)
10. Clubhouse Games (aka 42 All-Time Classics) (9,398)
(Figures sourced using the WFCstatus tool.)"

News Article from: PocketGamer

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