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Professor Cedric Juniper

Character Names
  • English / United States: Professor Cedric Juniper
  • Japanese / Japan: アララギパパ
  • Japanese (Romanized) / Japan: Araragi-papa
  • Japanese (TL) / Japan: Araragi Sr.
Voice Actors
Professor Cedric Juniper is the father of Professor Juniper. He studies Legendary Pokémon in the Unova region as well as the Hero's legend. He keeps a study notebook with him at all times for reference while exploring ruins and ancient artifacts. His fountain pen was recovered by his daughter after it got stuck in a Klinklang gear when Ash's Krokorok initially picked it up but didn't find it interesting and it threw it unknowingly at Klinklang. Professor Juniper noted that her father has the tenancy to loose his train of thought midway through his sentences which often makes people assume what he is going to say but their assumptions are not always what he intends to say.

Professor Cedric Juniper was studying some ruins associated with the Hero's legend which were recently discovered and while heading to the ruins he got lost inside the cave. After reuniting with his daughter who was studying the Electric Stone Cave nearby, he agreed to take Ash Ketchum and his friends with him on his adventure to the ruins as he wanted to see the ruins with his own eyes as quickly as possible because he thought that it might be the place where the Hero and Zekrom communicated.

Black Chapter of the Pokémon Mythology (ポケモン神話 黒の章):

Parts of the Hero's legend are recorded in the Black Chapter of the Pokémon Mythology and Professor Cedric Juniper is well versed in what the legend says. He quoted two verses from the it.

Verse #Verse Quote
4Defeated in a fight, the injured Hero was in such a desperate state underground that he was waiting for death. However, he encountered Zekrom and with their combined force, he managed to escape from underground.
「戦いに敗れ 傷ついた英雄は地の底で死を待つだけの絶望の中にいた。しかし ゼクロムと出会い 力を合わせ地の底から脱出した」。
18When the heart of the Hero who turns darkness into light becomes one with that of the Pokémon, Zekrom will appear and lend its power to the Hero.

The Basics of Adventure

While exploring the ruins with Ash Ketchum and his friends, there were various traps that Professor Cedric Juniper had identified and knew how to avoid but the kids often didn't wait for him to finish talking before acting and they ended up springing the traps in the ruins. He had a bunch of adventure rules that he told them which ending up being good advice to follow.

The Basics of Adventure #Advice
1Let people finish talking.
2Don't jump to hasty conclusions.
3Keep danger to a moderate level.
危険なことは ほどほどに。
4Don't give up until the end.
5The hint to overcoming the greatest danger lies in the legend.
6Strong beliefs can lead to new discoveries.

Despite telling Ash Ketchum and his friends being told not to touch or take the Golden Dark Stone due to an obvious trap, Professor Cedric Juniper ended up taking it and they were chased through the ruins until they reached the underground area where the hero met Zekrom. Professor Cedric Juniper discovered ancient murals on the ceiling and after discovering them he returned the Golden Dark Stone and his adventure with Ash Ketchum and his friends through the ruins was complete. Professor Cedric Juniper decided to stay though and continue his investigation of the ruins.