Miette is a Pofflés Chef that participated in a Pofflés Contest in a town near Shoyo City which she specifically came to and competed against Serena.

She could see that Serena liked Ash and she wondered if he had a future bride. Ash confused by the question stated he didn't which left the door open for Miette to distract Serena in the contest.

After they couldn't find any berries for the second round to use as ingredients for their Pofflés, Miette and Serena decided to work together to find some until they managed to find some and defeated Rocket Gang who had been taking them.

After loosing the Pofflés Contest, she said she would continue her journey and keep studying Pofflé making. She also told Serena that if she continued to keep her head in the clouds, she'd steal Ash away. The two shook hands and parted ways.

She also participated in the Tripokalon in Fujo Town where Serena was also a competitor. Beforehand she told her that she'd settle her score with her and might make a move on Ash, too. She won the Pofflé round and advanced to the performance round but ended up loosing to Serena who managed to get the most votes. Despite loosing that day, Miette vowed to win next time and that she hadn't given up on her competition of gaining Ash's affection either.
Pokemon (2)
Main Picture
Miette's Slurpuff was first seen when it ate the Pofflé that Serena had made.It though her Pofflé was so-so.Peroream can pick up sweet scents, so it's good at finding Berries. [View More]
Main Picture
Miette's Meowstic was revealed just before entering the Tripokalon in Fujo Town.It is unknown how long that Miette has had it for.During the Pofflé round, it helped make the Pofflés by stirring the batter and was in sync with Miette to showcase their miracle cooking. [View More]
Episodes (5)

A Battle by Any Other Name!ペロッパフとペロリーム!!甘い戦いはあまくない!?Peroppuff and Peroream!! A Sweet Fight Gets Anything But Sweet!?
Performing with Fiery Charm!テールナーとヤンチャム!!魅せろ炎のパフォーマンス!!Tairenar and Yancham!! Charm Everyone With Your Firey Performance!!
Party Dancecapades!サトシとセレナ!ダンスパーティでゲットだぜ!!Satoshi and Serena! Getting One at a Dance Party!!
Master Class Is in Session!マスタークラス開幕! 火花散る乙女の激闘!!The Master Class Begins! A Maidens' Fight Where Sparks Fly!!
Performing A Pathway To The Future!エルVSセレナ!開け未来への扉!!Elle VS Serena! Open the Door to the Future!!

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