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On Thursday June 5th, 2014 episode of Oha Suta, Office Chief Taka and Producer Toshi presented this episode's installment of Oha Oha Ranking. It was a crossover/promotion segment for Pokémon Get TV. Taka insisted on doing the presentation. He then presented "Office Chief Taka's 3 Favorite Pokémon".

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Number 3: Lucario - "Because it's cool. And strong."
Number 2: Kamonegi - "Because it's cute. And strong. And I like it's color."
Number 1: Karakara - "Because it's cute, and it wears a skeleton... it has the skull of its mother on it's head. It protects its poor mother, like a mother protects her girl from the rain while waiting for the bus... I want to wear my mother's skull the same way."

Toshi did not approve of that idea, and thought the entire explanation was rambly irrelevant nonsense. A quiz was also conducted in the segment.

Question Answer
POP QUIZ: Which episode of the Pocket Monsters anime got the most viewers?
The Blazing Pokémon Race, November 11th 1997, with 18.6%
Spoiler: Click to show!
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