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New episodes of the Pocket Monsters anime air Thursday evenings at 6:55PM JST and new episodes of the variety show Pokénchi air Sunday mornings at 8:00 AM JST on TV Tokyo in Japan. Pokémon airs Saturday morning at 9 AM EST and every Saturday and Sunday evening at 7:30 PM on Disney XD in the United States. Pokémon the Series also airs every weekday at 4 PM. Pokémon airs Saturday's at Noon EST on Teletoon in Canada. New titles are revealed in various publications such as: TV guides, childrens' magazines, anime magazines, promotional posters and videos, official websites and official television programs. Titles and their translations are added to our episode guide and the chart below when the titles are revealed.
Date Title(s)
Jun 28 2018 Flag SM 80: サンドの嵐!氷穴のダブルバトル!!
A Sand's Storm! An Ice Hole Double Battle!!
Jul 05 2018 Flag SM 81: アローラの若き炎!ロイヤルサトシ誕生!!
The Young Flame of Alola! The Birth of Royal Satoshi!!
Jul 13 2018 Flag Movie 21: みんなの物語
Everyone's Story
Jul 23 2018 Flag SMUA 19: Acting True to Form!
The Dark Nyarth is an Alola Nyarth!?
Jul 30 2018 Flag SMUA 20: Pushing the Fiery Envelope!
Burn with Passion, Nyabby! Down with Gaogaen!!
Aug 06 2018 Flag SMUA 21: Turning Heads and Training Hard!
Satoshi and Nagetukesaru! A Touchdown of Friendship!!
Sep 30

Author Roland Kelts shares some of the raw experiences that are the basis for his book, Japanamerica

Posted by Sunain | September 30th 2008 at 01:03 PM EDT
Comments: 4
The New York Anime Festival 2008 was this past weekend at the Jacob K. Javtis Convention Center. The New York Anime Festival is one of the biggest anime conventions in North America with visitors and guests from all over the world. One of the highlights for Pokemon fans was a voice actor panel featuring Veronica Taylor, Rachael Lillis, and Lisa Ortiz.

Later on during the convention, author Roland Kelts shared some of his experiences that were the basis for his book, Japanamerica, which covers why Pokemon is so popular and how it became popular in America. He also covered the original Shogakukan/4Kids deal which was signed for only $10 Million Dollars. Below are excerpts from Ed Liu's article.

logoKelts began his discussions with the Pokémon phenomenon, when the game and cartoon exploded on the American consciousness in 1996. He also briefly digressed to relay the tale of how 4Kids' Al Kahn managed to get the Japanese owners of Pokémon to sign over subsidiary rights in return for a paltry $10 million, mostly because Pokémon's Japanese owners at Shogakukan had no legal team on staff to process the thick contract and didn't understand what they were signing away. Kelts related that Shogakukan's Masakazu Kubo told him, "That was our fault. If you do business with another country, you have to learn how that other country does business," even though this simple mistake ultimately cost them millions of dollars.

In Kelts' view, Pokémon introduced a American children to a distinct style of animated storytelling that had several easily identifiable characteristics. The first was that illustrations were based on line, rather than shading or depth-perception.

PhotoKelts also stated that Pokémon, like many other Japanese cartoons, was fundamentally not rooted in a biological reality. No matter how exaggerated they may be, Bugs Bunny is recognizably a rabbit and Mickey Mouse is recognizably a mouse, but the pocket monsters of Pokémon and other Japanese cartoons are divorced from reality entirely.

This, in turn, enabled Pokémon to engage in a serialized/never-ending saga that is also firmly rooted in much older Japanese art forms, such as the episodic Genji Monogatari (a candidate for the world's first novel).

This first generation of kids raised on Pokémon (and other seminal TV shows such as Dragon Ball Z) got addicted to these things, and this in turn led some to explore Japanese culture in great depth. Kelts pointed out that Japan is unique among modern industrialized nations in that it has retained a striking amount of its traditional culture.
The full article is available on Toon Zone.

Sources: http://news.toonzone.net/article.php?ID=26349 & http://www.nyanimefestival.com/

Article edited on 2008-09-30 01:18:20 by Sunain
Sep 29

The 2008–2009 Pokémon Trading Card Game Organized Play season is now underway!

Posted by Sunain | September 29th 2008 at 12:32 PM EDT
Comments: 0
logoWhether your goal is to be the best on your block or the best in the world, Pokémon Organized Play is pure fun for Pokémon TCG fans.

The 2008–2009 Pokémon Trading Card Game Organized Play season is now underway, and players from all over the world are busily building decks and testing new strategies in preparation for exciting new battles. By participating in select POP events, players can earn Pokémon TCG cards and merchandise, as well as scholarships ranging from $500 to $7,500 (prizes vary from country to country).

Pokémon TCG players, here are some ways you can get involved in Pokémon Organized Play. Get ready for new friends, competitive play, and most important—FUN!

Pokémon TCG League
Pokémon TCG Leagues provide a place in your neighborhood for you to get together with other fans of the Pokémon TCG and have some fun. Using your own cards, you can play, trade, and even earn cool prizes! And you can do all this with other Pokémon TCG players who love collecting and playing just as much as you do. This is a great place for beginners to get started in Pokémon Organized Play. Click here to find out more.

Pokémon TCG Championship Series
Already a skilled player? Then this is the place for you. The 2008–2009 Pokémon Championship Series has already begun with Battle Road Autumn, which will be followed by City Championships,
State/Province/Territory Championships, Regional Championships, Battle Road Spring, and National Championships, all leading up to the 2009 Pokémon Trading Card Game World Championships next August. Click here for more information.

Prerelease Tournaments
Pokémon TCG Prerelease tournaments allow you to receive and play with cards from upcoming expansions two weeks prior to the official release date of the set. Rip into brand-new booster packs, build new decks, and try to take your game to the winner's circle! Click here to learn more.

Source: http://go-pokemon.com/op/news/articles/44.html

Article edited on 2008-09-29 12:35:30 by Sunain
Sep 27

Pokemon Sunday 206

Posted by Sunain | September 27th 2008 at 09:01 PM EDT
Comments: 1
Episode PictureThe latest episode of Pokémon Sunday, Rival Battle! Three vs. Three!! / PokéSun Company Best Match! 「ライバルバトル!三対三!!」 「ポケサンカンパニー最強決定戦!」, aired on Sunday in Japan.

This weeks Pokémon Revival episode is ライバルバトル!三対三!! (Rival Battle! Three vs. Three!!) which is the third episode of Diamond & Pearl. Satoshi searches for Pikachu, whom he has been separated from. While searching for his Pikachu, he is challenged to a Pokémon battle by Shinji.

In this weeks episode, the Pokemon Sunday team has a tournament to see who is the best Pokemon Battle Revolution player. Who will end up being victorious?

Pictures from this episode have been added to the episode guide. You can can also comment and discuss this episode. Also be sure to rate this and other episodes in the episode guide.

Article edited on 2008-09-27 09:02:41 by Sunain
Sep 26

Movie 12 Location Shooting Revealed - Greece

Posted by Sunain | September 26th 2008 at 03:30 PM EDT
Comments: 1
The recent Diamond and Pearl episode revealed that next weeks episode will include information on next years Pocket Monsters Movie 12. As is generally the case, the clip will probably focus on location shots which seem to be taken from Greece. One of the pictures is of Director Kunihiko Yuyama in front of the Parthenon in Athens, Greece which is still undergoing reconstruction. The other two pictures are from the Movie 12 preview clip shown in Japanese theaters earlier this year at the end of Movie 11.

Below are a few screenshots from this weeks preview which you can click on to get a larger resolution.


Article edited on 2008-09-26 03:32:12 by Sunain
Sep 26

Pocket Monsters Dimaond and Pearl 94 & 95 - One Hour Special

Posted by Sunain | September 26th 2008 at 03:01 PM EDT
Comments: 0
Episode PictureEpisode PictureThe latest episode of Pocket Monsters Diamond&Pearl, Pachirisu's Fever! Care-taking by 2 People!? (パチリスお熱です!2人でお留守番!?), aired on September 25th in Japan as part of a one hour special.

Takeshi is away on an errand when Pachirisu gets sick and it's up to Satoshi and Hikari to take care of it. Will Satoshi and Hikari be able to help Pachirisu get better?

As part of the one hour Pocket Monsters Diamond&Pearl special, Pokémon Contest! Kannagi Tournament (ポケモンコンテスト!カンナギ大会!!), also aired. Hikari enters the Kannagi Pokémon Contest in order to obtain her 3rd Contest ribbon. She is up against some fierce competition but will she be able to win the tournament?

Pictures from DP94 and DP95 have been added to the episode guide. You can can also comment and discuss these episodes. Also be sure to rate these and other episodes in the episode guide.

Article edited on 2008-09-26 03:03:13 by Sunain
Sep 26

Japanese TCG Expansion 'Galactic Conquest' Lists Announced

Posted by Sunain | September 26th 2008 at 02:01 PM EDT
Comments: 0
The official Japanese Pokemon Card Game website has released the Set list and Entries Pack lists for the upcoming new Japanese TCG expansion 'Galactic Conquest' which will be released on October 10th.

Click on either the Booster image or the Entries Pack to take you to the appropriate listing.

拡張パック「ギンガの覇道」「エントリーパック」 拡張パック「ギンガの覇道」「エントリーパック」

Article edited on 2008-09-26 02:06:33 by Sunain

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