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Date Title(s)
Oct 21 2018 Flag SM 93: 勇者リリエルとアローラの杖!
The Hero Liliel and the Alolan Cane!
Oct 28 2018 Flag SM 94: ゴーストポケモン大集合!みんなのお化け屋敷!!
Ghost Pokémon Everywhere! Everyone's Haunted House!!
Nov 04 2018 Flag SM 95: ヴェラ火山、ゴローンゴローニャやまおとこ!
Wela Volcano: The Golone, the Golonya and the Hiker!
Jun 16

Pokémon GO - Demonstration - Nintendo E3 2016 - Treehouse Live Broadcast

Posted by Sunain | June 16th 2016 at 08:06 AM EDT
Tags: Press Release, Nintendo, YouTube, E3, Pokémon GO, Niantic
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E3 2016 is taking place from June 14th, 2016 until June 16th, 2016 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Nintendo and Niantic showcased Pokémon GO during an Treehouse Live broadcast and revealed new information and Pokémon for the games.


Pokémon GO - Demonstration - Nintendo E3 2016 - Highlights

  • Treehouse Live broadcast participants - Developers, Translators and Field Testers: Pokémon CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara, GAME FREAK Junichi Masuda, Niantic senior product manager Tatsuo Nomura, Nintendo Shigeru Miyamoto, Nintendo Translator's David Numrich and Raymond

Pokémon GO - Demonstration - Nintendo E3 2016

Press Release - More Pokémon GO Updates

Our team has been making the most of the sunny California weather by walking long distances and enthusiastically testing all of the refinement and new features in Pokémon GO. Many of these refinements have been inspired by feedback received from our field testers in Australia, New Zealand, Japan and United States. Thank you for testing the app and for giving us such great feedback.

We have a few exciting updates to share. We’ve added a new Camera feature that enables Trainers to take photographs of their wild Pokémon encounters. Now you can take a photo of Squirtle next to that scenic lake or Ivysaur hanging out by the park. The photos will be saved to your phone’s camera roll to share with whomever you’d like. We can’t wait to see the varied environments in which trainers will find wild Pokémon.

We’re also thrilled to announce that Pokémon GO’s all-new music track is composed by GAME FREAK’s Junichi Masuda. We’ve been working closely with Masuda-san on several of the core game design elements of Pokémon GO and feel very fortunate to also have drawn from his decades of experience composing original music for the Pokémon games.

We enjoyed participating in Nintendo’s Treehouse Live Pokémon GO developer Q&A session at E3 today. With each day, we’re getting closer to launch and we can’t wait to share this game with everyone. Stay tuned for more details.

Source: https://www.nianticlabs.com/blog/e3-2016/

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Jun 15

Movie 19 Website Updates with Info on Theater Giveaway Ga-Olé Disk

Posted by Adamant | June 15th 2016 at 11:38 PM EDT
Tags: Anime, Movie, Event Pokémon, Pocket Monsters XY&Z, Pokémon Ga-Olé
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The official Pokémon movie website has updated. Translations of the new entries follow:

Theater Giveaway Information

When you go see the movie, you will receive a "Special "Magearna" Ga-Olé Disk" in the theater!

A total of 3 million audience members throughout Japan who go see "Pokémon the movie XY&Z: Volcanion and the Ingenious Magearna" will be given a "Special "Magearna" Ga-Olé Disk" they can use with "Pokémon Ga-Olé"!
Go see the movie and receive the "Special "Magearna" Ga-Olé Disk"!
*The giveaway is limited to 3 million attendants throughout Japan.
*Note that each theater will have a limited number of disks.
*There is no age limit for receiving the disk.
*The gift is not for sale. Please do not resell it.

You can befriend "Magearna" in Pocket Monsters Sun and Pocket Monsters Moon, on sale Friday November 18th!!
Befriending "Magearna" in Pocket Monsters Sun/Moon can only be done with the "Special "Magearna" Ga-Olé Disk"!

What is Pokémon Ga-Olé...?

"Pokémon Ga-Olé" is a new kids' amusement game machine that will premiere this summer! Here, Pokémon battles will take place on a huge 50 inch monitor, giving them enormous intensity and presence!

Summon more and more powerful Pokémon with your very own strength!
"Pokémon Ga-Olé" is a game where you enjoy 2-vs-2 Pokémon battles while cheering on your on-hand Pokémon by pressing buttons according to onscreen prompts!
By winning battles, you increase your on-hand Pokémon's "roar", which lets you continue battling against the Pokémon that heard the roar and appeared before you! The louder your "roar", the greater the chance of powerful Pokémon apparing, like legendary Pokémon, here represented with "Zygarde Perfect Forme"!

If you brilliantly manage to catch the opposing Pokémon after a white-hot battle that makes your hands sweat, your own Pokémon's victory "roar" will increase, and a strong Pokémon will appear! Insert a new coin and continue battling!

The "Special "Magearna" Ga-Olé Disk"'s unique design!!
The "Special "Magearna" Ga-Olé Disk" we're giving out is a black Ga-Olé Disk you can't otain through normal play! Settle matches with "Magearna"'s move Flash Cannon and let "Magearna"'s "roar" do its job!

For further information on Pokémon Ga-Olé, see the official website here

Also! You can befriend "Magearna" in Pocket Monsters Sun and Pocket Monsters Moon!

By scanning the QR code printed on the attendant giveaway "Special "Magearna" Ga-Olé Disk" using "Pocket Monsters Sun/Moon"'s new QR Scan function, you'll be able to befriend the mythical Pokémon "Magearna" in "Pocket Monsters Sun/Moon"!

By using the new QR Scan function in "Pocket Monsters Sun/Moon", you won't just obtain infomation on the "Magearna" drawn on the Disk, you will be able to befriend "Magearna" in "Pocket Monsters Sun/Moon", something you'll only be able to do with the "Special "Magearna" Ga-Olé Disk"!!
By using the "Special "Magearna" Ga-Olé Disk", you can make Magearna participate in the world of "Pocket Monsters Sun/Moon" as well!
*You will not be able to do this in international versions or other games in the "Pocket Monsters" series.

For further information on the new QR Scan function in "Pocket Monsters Sun/Moon", see the official "Pocket Monsters Sun/Moon" website here

Check out the Magearna you'll be able to befriend!


Level: 50
Ability: Soul-Heart
Type: Steel/Fairy
Moves: Fleur Cannon, Flash Cannon, Lucky Chant, Helping Hand
Ball: Precious Ball
Ribbon: Wish Ribbon

Its new Ability, "Soul-Heart":
Magearna's Ability is "Soul-Heart", which no previous Pokémon has had. "Soul-Heart" has the effect of raising Sp. Atk by 1 stage each time a Pokémon in the area is defeated. This is a new Ability, one that can be put to good use in battle!

Its signature move, "Fleur Cannon":
"Fleur Cannon", which the Magearna being given out knows, is a new move that only Magearna can learn. Fleur Cannon is an extremely powerful move, despite the fact that your Sp. Atk is lowered considerably after using it. Use it as a trump card and unleash it when the time is right!

*A powerful beam is fired from its arms after they open up like flowers!

Source: http://www.pokemon-movie.jp/present/

Article edited on 2016-12-05 01:49:40 by Sunain
Jun 15

Movie 19 Website Updates with Info on Gekkouga Theater Event

Posted by Adamant | June 15th 2016 at 10:55 PM EDT
Tags: Anime, Movie, Event Pokémon, Pocket Monsters XY&Z
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The official Pokémon movie website has updated. Translations of the new entries follow:

Theater Event Information

The winner of the Pokémon Elections 720!
Receive Gekkouga, which was chosen to stand on top of the 720 total Pokémon, in the theaters!

Giveaway period: From July 16th and on, in all theaters that screen the Pokémon movie as it is being screened!
*The screening period depends on the theater. Contact your local theater for specifics.
*Also, note that the giveaway wwill end Wednesday September 30th even if the theater is still screening the movie after this point.

These are the Nintendo 3DS games you can be given Gekkouga in!

Pocket Monsters X
Pocket Monsters Y
Pocket Monsters Omega Ruby
Pocket Monsters Alpha Sapphire

*Both the cartridge versions and the download versions can be used.
*You can not receive this giveaway in any other "Pocket Monsters" series game.

Take a look at the Gekkouga we're giving out!


Level: 100
Ability: Protean
Type: Water/Dark
Moves: Hydro Cannon, Gunk Shot, Mat Block, Happy Hour
Held Item: Master Ball
Ball: Precious Ball
Ribbon: Wish Ribbon

The Hidden Ability "Protean"!!

"Protean" is an extremely powerful Ability that lets you change your type to the one of the moves you use! By changing your type according to the opponent, you can give yourself advatages both offensively and defensively, letting you fight in a truly "protean" manner!

Its Held Item is a "Master Ball"!!

Incredibly, the Gekkouga we're giving out is holding a Master Ball! A Master Ball is a perfect monster ball that guarantees you'll catch a wild Pokémon!! Use this valuable Master Ball to catch the Pokémon you truly desire!

Master Protean! Check out Gekkouga's moves!!!

Hydro Cannon

The ultimate Water type move, "Hydro Cannon": While it immobilizes you for one turn as a recoil effect, it allows you to attack with overwhelming power.

Gunk Shot

A very powerful Poison type move: It makes you attack by hitting the opponent with filthy garbage, so it can cause the Poison status effect.

Mat Block

By using a blocking mat as a shield, you'll prevent damage from moves not just for yourself, but also for your allies.

Happy Hour

The Gekkouga being given out this time knows the special move "Happy Hour", which it can't normally learn. When you use Happy Hour, the prize money received at the end of the battle will actually double!

How to receive Gekkouga

Receive the Gekkouga from your seat, either before the movie begins or after it has ended

Important: Make sure to receive the Gekkouga during the intermission right before or after the movie screening, while sitting in your audience seat. Also, make sure to keep your Nintendo 3DS series game system closed so no light from the screen can be seen while the movie is being screened in order to not bother other members of the audience.

Advance preparation: Go to the theater fully prepared to receive the "Gekkouga"!
Bring the following:
*A fully charged Nintendo 3DS-series system
*A copy of either of the Nintendo 3DS games "Pocket Monsters X/Y/Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire"
(both the cart version and the download version can be used)

Make preparations in the game itself as well:
*Make sure you won't have the max amount of wonder cards.
*Make sure the delivery person isn't already holding a gift.
*Make sure the wireless communication on your Nintendo 3DS system is turned "ON"

Step 1: Receive the "Wonder Card" in the theater
Turn on the Nintendo 3DS series system after making the game accessible, then start the game, choose "Mystery Gift" from the menu screen, and receive the "Wonder Card" by following these steps:
*After starting the game, choose "Mystery Gift" from the title menu and press A.
*Select "Receive Mystery Gift" and press A.
*On the next screen, select "Receive via local communication" and press A. Then select "Yes" to confirm you want the communication to start and press A.
*Confirm the gift, then select "Yes" and press A to finally receive it.
*Select "Yes" and press A.
*You will see a confirmations screen once the gift has been received. At this point, the gift has automatically been saved, so you can safely turn the power off.

This is all you need to do in the theater itself!

Step 2: Receive the "Gekkouga" from the Pokémon Center in the game!
Once you have received the "Wonder Card", you can receive the "Gekkouga" from the Pokémon Center. Choose "Continue Play" from the menu screen to resume your game, then follow these steps to receive it:
*After resuming the game, ensure there is an "empty" space among your Pokémon on hand.
*Go to a nearby Pokémon Center (it doesn't matter which city it is).
*Talk to the delivery person in blue clothes with the A button to receive Gekkouga.
*The Gekkouga will now appear in the "empty" space among your Pokémon.
*After checking your Gekkouga, make sure to save your progress by using the "Save" function.

Please note:
*Pokémon Centers are located in various spots throughout the game. It is estimated you will have to play for about an hour until you can first visit one (individual differences apply).
*If you have received a different "Wonder Card" before, please talk to the delivery person in blue clothes and receive that previous gift.

*When you first start playing "Pocket Monsters X/Y/Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire", the "Mystery Gift" menu will not be avilable. Those of you playing for the first time will see a different title menu instead. Choose a language from here and start the game, then play until the "Save" function becomes available to you and save the game. Next, press the HOME button on your Nintendo 3DS series system and end the game, then restart it and the standard title menu will display.

If you are unable to receive the Gekkouga, please check the following steps:

Step 1: If you are unable to receive the "Wonder Card"
If the game tells you you have too many Wonder Cards:
The game will tell you this if you have 24 "Wonder Cards" and have received at least one gift from the delivery person (meaning there is a "Wonder Card" that can be discarded). If you choose "Yes" here, you can then throw away "Wonder Cards"
*You can not throw away "Wonder Cards" for gifts you haven't received.
*Once you have thrown away "Wonder Cards", press the B button and select "Quit", and the card album will automatically be saved and you will be returned to the "Mystery Gift" menu screen.

If the game tells you you have too many gifts:
The game will tell you this if you have 24 "Wonder Cards" and haven't received any gifts from the delivery person. Resume your adventure and head to a Pokémon Center to receive a gift from the delivery person. Next, throw away a "Wonder Card" as detailed above.
If the game tells you wireless communication is turned off:
If you have a New Nintendo 3DS/New 3DSLL/2DS, go to the "HOME menu settings" menu in the top left corner of the home menu, then to "Wireless Communication/NFC" from there, and activate it. If you have a Nintendo 3DS/3DSLL, set wireless communication to ON by sliding the wireless switch at the right hand side of the system marked WIRELESS.

Step 2: If you are unable to receive the Pokémon
If the delivery person tells you you have too many Pokémon on hand:
You will see this message if you talk to the delivery person when having 6 Pokémon on hand. In order to receive a giveaway Pokémon, ensure there is an "empty" space among your Pokémon on hand. Use the computer in the middle right side of the Pokémon Center to put one of your Pokémon on hand in one of the boxes in the computer. Then talk to the delivery person again, and you will be able to receive the Pokémon.

If you receive any other messages, please call the Pokémon Movie Campaign Number. For contact information, click here.

Source: http://www.pokemon-movie.jp/theater/

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Jun 15

Movie 19 Blog Updates with Fourth Installment of 'Pokémon Q'

Posted by Adamant | June 15th 2016 at 12:41 PM EDT
Tags: Anime, Movie, Movie Blog, Pocket Monsters XY&Z
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The official Pokémon movie blog has updated. We have added a section collecting every single blog entry for easy browsing. Translations of the new entry follows:

Pokémon Q #4

Question: Which Pokémon goes where the "?" is?

We will reveal the answer next week!
*The quiz questions asked will concern all Pokémon from national Zukan number 1 to 720, as well as Volcanion and Magearna.

Send in your answer via the Apply page.
One person that sent in the correct answer will receive a specially made Pokémon movie clear file!

Last week's answer:

The answer is: Kakureon

This Pokémon is characterized by the jagged pattern on its stomach and the rounded-up tail.

This week's gift goes to
"Marilli-oneesama" from Toyama
Congratulations! You will receive a specially made Pokémon movie clear file folder!

Source: http://www.pokemon-movie.jp/pokemovie_ch/?p=2460

Article edited on 2016-06-15 12:42:45 by Adamant
Jun 14

Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon E3 2016 Update

Posted by Sunain | June 14th 2016 at 04:35 PM EDT
Tags: Press Release, YouTube, E3, Pokémon Sun, Pokémon Moon
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E3 2016 is taking place from June 14th, 2016 until June 16th, 2016 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Nintendo showcased Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon during an Treehouse Live broadcast and revealed new information and Pokémon for the games. Images from the press kit are available on our Imageboard thread.

Legendary Pokémon Solgaleo and Lunala Phase in Pokémon Sun and Moon - Artwork and Details

Solgaleo Lunala
Thumbnail Thumbnail

Pikipek, Yungoos and Grubbin - Artwork and Details

Pikipek Yungoos Grubbin
Thumbnail Thumbnail Thumbnail
Woodpecker Pokémon
Loitering Pokémon
Larva Pokémon

Press Release - New information unveiled at today’s Nintendo E3 Treehouse Live @ E3 presentation, including Battle Royal, Magearna details, new Pokémon and more…

During today’s Nintendo Treehouse Live at E3 presentation, new information and features were revealed for the highly anticipated Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon video games coming exclusively to the Nintendo 3DS family of systems. Details of three brand-new Pokémon that will be discovered as players explore the Alola region have now been officially unveiled—introducing Pikipek, Yungoos and Grubbin.

The first of the new Pokémon revealed is the Normal- and Flying-type Woodpecker Pokémon Pikipek, which can bore holes in trees by striking them up to 16 times per second. These strikes can do more than drill through hard wood—they can even shatter stone. Pikipek can attack distant opponents by firing seeds with enough force to embed them into the trunks of trees. This Pokémon also likes small glittering objects and will hide these amongst their food stores.

The second new Pokémon announced was the Loitering Pokémon Yungoos. This Normal-type Pokémon is known for its humongous hunger and has a terrible temper when hungry. The majority of its long body is made up of its stomach, and it is never satisfied due to its swift digestion. Trainers will encounter some Yungoos that possess an Ability no other previously discovered Pokémon has had—Stakeout. This Ability means that the Pokémon’s moves can deal twice the normal damage to any Pokémon that switches in or enters the field mid-battle.

The final Pokémon revealed was the Larva Pokémon Grubbin. This Bug-type Pokémon relies on its strong and sturdy jaws, using them as both a weapon in battle and a tool to help them burrow into the ground. Grubbin can spew sticky threads from its mouth and can wrap these threads around trees, enabling this Pokémon to swing around and become much more mobile.

A brand-new battle format called Battle Royal which debuts in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon was also revealed during the Nintendo Treehouse Live segment. In previous games in the Pokémon franchise, battles have generally been Trainers facing off against each other one-on-one. Battle Royal is a new battle system where four players battle against one another at the same time in a furious melee. Each of the four Trainers in the battle chooses three Pokémon and sends one Pokémon into battle at a time. The battle finishes at the end of any turn when all of the Pokémon of one Trainer have fainted. The players are then ranked, and a victor is declared based on the number of Pokémon each Trainer defeated and the number of Pokémon each has remaining in play. This is a completely new way to enjoy Pokémon battles, and many interesting strategies will be discovered as each player must try to predict who will attack whom, or choose whether to act to save a player who is in a pinch in order to claim the number-one position before the battle ends.

The Mythical Pokémon Magearna will be making its debut in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon. Magearna was created by a scientist of uncommon genius 500 years ago, and it has the power to perceive the emotions, thoughts and feelings of other Pokémon. Stored in the centre of Magearna’s chest is the Soul-Heart, an artificial life which was created using the life energy of other Pokémon. Magearna has the Ability Soul-Heart, a new Ability that no other previous Pokémon has had. This Ability raises Magearna’s Special Attack by 1 each time another Pokémon in the arena faints.

In Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon, there is a QR Scanner function. Trainers will be able to catch the Mythical Pokémon Magearna by scanning a special QR code which is planned to be distributed in Europe at a later date. More details for this will follow.

New forms of Solgaleo and Lunala, the Legendary Pokémon which appear on the cover of Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon, were also revealed. When releasing their mighty powers, these Pokémon will change in appearance. Solgaleo transforms into its Radiant Sun phase and Lunala transforms into its Full Moon phase.

Meet New Pokémon and Discover Battle Royals in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon!

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Jun 14

Movie 19 Blog Updates with Ninteenth Installment of 'Quote Central'

Posted by Adamant | June 14th 2016 at 10:28 AM EDT
Tags: Anime, Movie, Movie Blog, Pocket Monsters XY&Z
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The official Pokémon movie blog has updated. We have added a section collecting every single blog entry for easy browsing. Translations of the new entry follows:

Quote Central: Memorable Lines from Pokémon Movies #19

Ah, here comes someone who doesn't need to pray to be happy.

"Dialga VS Palkia VS Darkrai", 2007

Hikari and Takeshi have just been told that the Space-Time Tower was made "to pray for the happiness of Pokémon and humans".
Just then, Satoshi finally arrives, having climbed all the stairs in the Space-Time Tower, and Takeshi says this line to him as a joke.

This quote was submitted by "Melon", who included the following comment:
What Takeshi said to Satoshi was funny.
Thank you for your contribution!

"Melon" from Gunma will receive a specially made Pokémon movie clear file folder.

If we use your submission, you will receive a specially made Pokémon movie clear file folder!
We want to hear your "Memorable Lines from Pokémon Movies"
We are now taking suggestions for "Memorable Lines" from past Pokémon movies!
We want your favorite "wise words", "inspired sayings"... or even utter nonsense.
To send in a suggestion, choose "Quote Central" from the Apply page and list the following:
"Movie title" - "Name of character or Pokémon that said the line" - "The line itself"
In addition, please also list "Roughly when in the movie the line is spoken" if you know this before submitting.

Submitted content will be chosen for publication by the official Pokémon movie site. Not all submissions will be published.
In addition, please understand we may edit the submitted text to make it easier to read.

Source: http://www.pokemon-movie.jp/pokemovie_ch/?p=2453

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