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Lance's Dragonite

Character Names
  • English / United States: Lance's Dragonite
  • Japanese / Japan: ワタルのカイリュー
  • Japanese (Romanized) / Japan: Wataru no Kairyu
  • Japanese (TL) / Japan: Wataru's Kairyu
Voice Actors
Lance's Dragonite helped stop the legendary battle between Kyogre and Groudon.

Masters Eight Battle VS Diantha

Dragonite was the first Pokémon he used in the battle and it defeated Diantha's Aurorus which used a few defensive moves to soften the hits against it but Dragonite's attacks were too strong. It later faced off against Diantha's Gardevoir where it Dynamaxed but was damaged from its earlier battle. While trying to use Hyper Beam, it put itself into a checkmate position and Mega Gardevoir avoided the attack and used Moonblast to knock it out.
Known Moveset
Wing Attack Type
First Seen: GS 120
Hit both Fearows.
Hyper Beam Type
First Seen: GS 120
Destroyed the machine in the Team Rocket warehouse.
Thunder Wave Type
First Seen: GS 120
Attack confirmed in this episode when frying the Fearow.
Twister Type
First Seen: GS 120
Set Team Rocket blasting off again!
Dragon Claw Type
First Seen: AG 98
It helped Ash get out.
Max Strike Type
First Seen: PM2019 116
Created a crack in the ground and hit Gardevoir.
Max Hailstorm Type
First Seen: PM2019 116
The hailstones were all destroyed by Moonblast.
Max Wyrmwind Type
First Seen: PM2019 116
Nullified by Gardevoir's Shadow Ball.
Body Press Type
First Seen: PM2019 116
Laid a Smackdown, WWE style!