Character Information:

Raihan's Duraludon


Character Names / Voice Actors:
Known As:
  • Flag Raihan's Duraludon
  • Flag キバナのジュラルドン
  • Flag Kibana no Duraludon
  • Flag Kibana's Duraludon
Raihan's Duraludon battled against Leon's Charizard during a Masters Eight 1-on-1 battle but it was defeated. It is able to Gigantamax into Gigantamax Duraludon.

It came to the rescue of Sonia after she was ganged up on by the Macro Cosmos thugs.

Masters Eight Entry Battle

Raihan's Duraludon faced off against Ash's Lucario. It immediately Gigantamax but because the match rules were based on the Masters Tournament regulations, Ash couldn't Mega evolve Lucario as he had already Gigantamaxed Gengar in the previous match-ups in the battle. It didn't matter though as Lucario's Huge Aura Sphere (巨大はどうだん) attack KO'd Duraludon.
Known Moveset
Move Type First Ep Notes
Sandstorm Type PM2019 27 See the full episode note for more details about it knowing this move.
Metal Claw Type PM2019 27 Raihan wanted to show Leon how wild it could be!
Iron Defense Type PM2019 27 Defended Leon's Charizard's Dragon Claw.
Stone Edge Type PM2019 27 Duraludon cut off Charizard's attack with a super effective Rock-type attack!
Max Rockfall Type PM2019 27 The massive rock tried to fall on Charizard but it broke through with Max Knuckle.
Max Steelspike Type PM2019 27 G-Max Wildfire broke through the attack and knocked out Duraludon.
Steel Beam Type PM2019 27 Raihan wanted to finish the match and wipe the smile off Leon's face. Steel Beam uses up energy from Duraludon's body, and in exchange, releases vast amounts of power.
Breaking Swipe Type PM2019 45 It came to the rescue of Sonia after she was ganged up on by the Macro Cosmos thugs.
G-Max Depletion Type PM2019 109 It reduces the PP of the last move used.