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Character Names
  • English / United States: Looker
  • Japanese / Japan: ハンサム
  • Japanese (Romanized) / Japan: Handsome
  • Japanese (TL) / Japan: Handsome
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Ash Ketchum and his friends first met Looker on the Denryu Train on route to Lake Acuity. He had too many boxed lunches which he dropped while walking by Ash and friends.

Disguised as a Team Galactic member, together with Team Rocket, he ambushed the grunts that were guarding the entrance to Spear Pillar. After assuming their places, he managed to establish a contact with champion Cynthia and let her know of Team Galactic's actions. While waiting for her, he was able to discover who was the evil team's boss when Cyrus arrived at the site along with the commanders. However, they immediately saw through their disguises and consequently, he and Team Rocket were taken prisoners. He was later rescued by Cynthia, and was left keeping watch over Jupiter and some of Team Galactic's members that were kept captive, while she, along with Ash Ketchum and his friends, followed Cyrus and the commanders to Spear Pillar.

After the evil team's plan had been thwarted, it was shown that he wondered where Team Rocket left off to, as they had mysteriously disappeared.

Sangi Town Astronomical Observatory Lab

Looker had been assigned to find out what was going on in the mountainous area of Sangi Town as there had been reports of the mountain Pokémon suddenly becoming frenzied and attacking the people of he town. Disguised as a hiker, he began collecting information. He spotted Ash Ketchum and his friends heading to the astronomical observatory, he decided to follow them. As soon as they got in trouble, he revealed himself as Looker.

The first Plasma Gang assignment that Ash Ketchum with the assistance of Looker managed to intervene in was at the Sangi Town observatory. Colress had setup a laboratory there and had been working on collecting Pokémon to use as an organic base. Aldith excited to see the results of his work and just how much electric energy could be amplified so they could control Pokémon. Colress hoped that if the system operated successfully, the Isshu region would belong to the Plasma Gang. Through the use of special radio waves, the Pokémon's mind would be overloaded, preparing it for battle and raising its combat power to the limit.

Aldith along with Team Plasma Grunts under her control, managed to hold off Looker and Ash Ketchum long enough for Colress to collect the necessary data for his experiment before he self destructed the observatory lab. Looker was unable to collect any information from the destroyed observatory. Looker and his colleagues would investigate Plasma Gang further but he noted that he would count on Ash Ketchum's assistance when the time came.
Owned Pokémon
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  • United States Looker's Croagunk
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  • United States Looker's Growlithe
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