Olympia's Meowstic♀

Known As:
  • Flag Olympia's Meowstic♀
  • Flag ゴジカのニャオニクス
  • Flag Gojika no Nyaonix
Olympia's Meowstic♀ is one of the two Meowstic that Olympia has as her main partners. It battled against Ash's Talonflame and Ash's Frogadier in a double battle gym fight. Its Ability is Keen Eye which makes it extremely difficult for opponents to evade moves.
Known Moveset
Move Type First Ep Notes
Future Sight Type XY 92 Combines with Olympia's other Meowstic
Thunder Wave Type XY 93 6th move used in the same episode. Successfully paralyzed Gekogashira.
Dark Pulse Type XY 93 It's fifth move used in the same episode.
Psyshock Type XY 93 Combined with Olympia's other Meowstic.