Character Information:

Faba's Hypno


Character Names / Voice Actors:
Known As:
  • Flag Faba's Hypno
  • Flag ザオボーのスリーパー
  • Flag Sauboh no Sleeper
  • Flag Sauboh's Sleeper
Voiced By:
Faba's Hypno often double battles with Faba's Alakazam as the battle combination proves to be a difficult one to defend against with their powerful psychic moves. It is used by Faba to erase the memories of people like Lillie to help further his evil goals.

It battled against Ash's Meltan in the top 16 of the Alola League. Faba thought it was Ash Ketchum's weakest Pokémon, so it got Hypno to use Psychic to cheat and select its Poké Ball for Ash before the match started but Ash was fine with the selection. Meltan ended up eating Faba's Hypno's coin to stop its Hypnosis and finished it off with a Flash Cannon to give it the match victory.
Known Moveset
Move Type First Ep Notes
Psychic Type SM 49 Hypno often uses Psychic to physically control the movements of its opponents.
Hypnosis Type SM 49 Puts its opponents to sleep.
Reflect Type SM 49 Reflects the attacks of its opponents.