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English Starcloud (Cosmog)
Japanese ほしぐも
Japanese (Romanized) Hoshigumo
While sleeping one night, Ash had a dream where Solgaleo and Lunala appeared to him at the Altar of the Sun and moments later Starcloud came out from the light. He made a promise to them to watch over the Cosmog. The next day on the way to school, Tapu Koko appeared and directed Ash to where the Cosmog was sleeping. He picked it up and took it to the Pokémon School where no one was able to identify the type of Pokémon that it is.

Lillie decided to call the Cosmog "Starcloud" because its inner body shines like twinkling stars and it floats gently in the air much like a cloud, so its name is a combination of the the words star and cloud.
Move Type First Episode Used Notes
Teleport Psychic SM 45 It instantly transports from one location to another.
Episodes (7)

A Dream Encounter!サトシとほしぐも!不思議な出会い!!Satoshi and Starcloud! A Mysterious Encounter!!
Now You See Them, Now You Don't!ほしぐもパニック!テレポートは突然に!!Starcloud Panic! The Teleport Happened Suddenly!!
Deceiving Appearances!変身メタモン、探すんだモン!C'mon, Search for the Transformed Metamon!
A Masked Warning!グラジオとシルヴァディ!戒めの仮面!!Gladio and Silvady! The Confinement Mask!!
Night of a Thousand Poses!ゼンリョクポーズでお泊まり会!A Sleepover in Fully Powered Poses!
Mission: Total Recall!リーリエとシルヴァディ、よみがえる記憶!Lilie and Silvady: Memories Reborn!
Faba's Revenge!ザオボーの逆襲!さらわれたほしぐも!!Sauboh Strikes Back! Starcloud Gets Abducted!!

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