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Tapu Koko
English Tapu Koko
Japanese カプ・コケコ
Japanese (Romanized) Kapu-Kokeko
Tapu Koko is the guardian deity of Melemele Island. It watched Ash a couple times during his first day in Alola. After the battle with Skull Gang, he spotted it but no one else did. Later that night, it appeared again and Ash followed it. Tapu Koko presented Ash with a Z-Ring which he accepted. Kapu-Kokeko's Electric Terrain is activated by its Ability Electric Surge.

Kapu-Kokeko is very fickle and even though it is called a guardian deity, it does not always help out the people of Melemele Island, but sometimes pulls pranks or inflicts punishments. Additionally, on rare occasions, it reportedly also gives mysterious gifts to humans it takes a liking to like the Z-Ring given to Ash.

The next day, it appeared at the Pokémon School and took Ash's hat. He quickly followed it into the forest where Tapu Koko challenged Ash to a battle. Tapu Koko is a Pokémon that is positively brimming with curiosity and ever since the olden days, there have been instances of it challenging islanders to Pokémon battles or to Alolan sumo wrestling matches. Pikachu battled it and difference in power between the two was initially too big. Tapu Koko then came and activated the Z-Ring and the Electric-Z on Ash's arm but he didn't have the slightest clue what he was supposed to do. He managed to fire off Sparking Gigavolt which Tapu Koko was able to defend and then fled the battle.

Ash's Grand Trial Battle vs Hala

Tapu Koko kept a close eye on the battle but stayed hidden in the forest throughout the duration of the battle. For defeating the Melemele Island's Island King Hala and passing the Grand Trial, Hala was about to give Ash a Fighting-Z but Tapu Koko swept in and swapped it for an Electric-Z. Hala said this was the first time Kapu-Kokeko has ever taken this much interest in a challenger.

Rematch Battle at the Pokémon School

After seeing the results of Ash and Pikachu in the distance, it showed up at the Pokémon School and challenged them. Despite the training showing results ant their speed being raised 12 percent above normal, Tapu Koko still proved to be more powerful and it defeated Pikachu and knocked it off the cliff but it quickly rescued it before it got hurt from the fall.
Move Type First Episode Used Notes
Electric Terrain Electric SM 2 When inside an Electric Terrain, the effect of moves that have the Electric type should increase!
Discharge Electric SM 19 Discharge powered up by Electric Terrain almost hit the crowd watching the battle at the Pokémon School.
Nature’s Madness Fairy SM 19 It dealt heavy damage to Pikachu.
Episodes (6)

Alola to New Adventure!アローラ!はじめての島、はじめてのポケモンたち!!Alola! New Islands, New Pokémon!!
The Guardian's Challenge守り神カプ・コケコ登場!挑戦、オレたちのZワザ!!Enter the Guardian Deity Kapu-Kokeko! Let Us Attempt To Master Our Z-Move!!
ぬしポケモンはデカグース!The Totem Pokémon is Dekagoose!
出るかZワザ! 大試練への挑戦!!Will the Z-Move Work?! Challenging the Grand Trial!!
電撃猛特訓!カプ・コケコとの再戦!!Intense Electric Shock Training! A Rematch with Kapu-Kokeko!!
A Dream Encounter!サトシとほしぐも!不思議な出会い!!Satoshi and Starcloud! A Mysterious Encounter!!

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