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Character Names
  • English / United States: Ilima
  • Japanese / Japan: イリマ
  • Japanese (Romanized) / Japan: Ilima
  • Japanese (Trans) / Japan: Ilima
Voice Actors
Ilima is a graduate of the Pokémon school and is often referred to as the Pokémon School Prince. There are apparently so many legends about Ilima at the school that people can't keep track of them all. One of the legends is that Ilima won half of the trophies in principal's Samson Oak office.

Legend also says he is the smartest student the Pokémon school has ever had and he graduated pretty quickly. He became an exchange student in the Kalos to keep studying. He even has a fan club that so popular that Officer Jenny had to direct traffic because so many people brought birthday presents to him.

Ilima has won countless Pokémon Ping-Pong tournaments and is a really good player. He came by the Pokémon School to teach the class how to play. He invited them to come see him in a local Pokémon Ping-Pong tournament he was participating in on the weekend. He made it to the finals where he faced Ikari, who he'd lost to in a previous tournament. This time, he managed to defeat him and win the tournament.
Owned Pokémon
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Ilima's Eevee
  • Japan イリマのイーブイ
  • Japan Ilima no Eievui
  • Japan Ilima's Eievui
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Ilima's Kangaskhan
  • Japan イリマのガルーラ
  • Japan Ilima no Garura
  • Japan Ilima's Garura
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Ilima's Smeargle
  • Japan イリマのドーブル
  • Japan Ilima no Doble
  • Japan Ilima's Doble