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Ash's Melmetal

Character Names
  • English / United States: Ash's Melmetal
  • Japanese / Japan: サトシのメルメタル
  • Japanese (Romanized) / Japan: Satoshi no Melmetal
  • Japanese (TL) / Japan: Satoshi's Melmetal
Voice Actors
Ash's Melmetal is the evolved form of Ash's Meltan. It evolved on the docks of the Manalo Stadium after spinning its nut most of the day to call in the nearby Meltan. According to Professor Samuel Oak, this unique Pokémon has been mentioned in several ancient writings. It was always referred to as Melmetal, but he never suspected that it might have evolved from a large group of Meltan combining until he saw it happen in front of him.

In the first match-up of the Alola League finals, Ash's Melmetal faced off against Gladion's Type: Null / Silvally. Everyone was surprised when Melmetal was revealed and it burst onto the scene with Double Iron Bash. It hit with a lot of power but Gladion adapted by moving around a lot. Melmetal took on massive amounts of power as soon as it evolved but Silvally’s fancy footwork proved to be hard for Melmetal to actually hit it. Half way through the battle, Silvally has changed into a Fighting-type Pokémon and attacked with Multi-Attack but Melmetal showed just how tough it is by standing its ground. Melmetal was defeated by Silvally and Pikachu came out to replace it.
Known Moveset
Flash Cannon Type
First Seen: SM 111
Learned as a Meltan.
Headbutt Type
First Seen: SM 117
Learned as a Meltan.
Harden Type
First Seen: SM 118
Learned as a Meltan.
Double Iron Bash Type
First Seen: SM 138
Right after it evolved, it showed off its strength by hitting the water and Professor Kukui dubbed the new moves name.
Series Title
SM 138
SM 139
SM 140
SM 141
SM 142
SM 143
SM 144
SM 145
SM 146
PM2019 37
PM2019 112
PM2019 121
PM2019 131
PM2019 132