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May's Skitty
English May's Skitty
Japanese ハルカのエネコ
Japanese (Romanized) Haruka no Eneco
Skitty had wandered in the desert and it lost its sense of smell. Brock suggested they take it to a Pokémon Aromatherapy Center where it recovered after it was sprayed with some medicine.
Episodes (44)

I Feel Skitty!エネコとアロマテラピー!Eneco and Aromatherapy!
Zig Zag ZangooseザングースVSハブネーク!ライバル対決!!Zangoose VS Habunake! Rival Showdown!!
Maxxed Out!マサトとマサト!アメタマを守れ!Masato and Masato! Protect Ametama!
Game Winning Assistエネコとねこのて!ドンメルの牧場!Eneco and Assist! The Donmel Ranch!
All Torkoal, No Playハガネの谷を突破せよ!コータスVSハガネール!!Break Through Steel Valley! Cotoise VS Haganeil!!
Manectric Chargeキンセツジムふたたび!VSライボルト!!Kinsetsu Gym Once Again! VS Livolt!!
Delcatty Got Your Tongueエネコとエネコロロ!伝説のコーディネーター登場!!Eneco and Enekororo! Enter the Legendary Coordinator!!
Disaster of Disguise仮面のコーディネーター・ファントム登場!!Enter the Masked Coordinator Phantom!!
Disguise Da Limitシダケタウン!ポケモンコンテスト!!Shidake Town! Pokémon Contest!!
Take the Lombre Homeソルロックとハスブレロ!聖なる森の伝説!Solrock and Hasubrero! The Legend of the Holy Forest!!
True Blue Swabluチルットの空!ハルカの心!!Tyltto's Sky! The Heart of Haruka!!
Exploud and Clear一触即発!バクオングVSジュプトル!!An Explosive Situation! Bakuong VS Juptile!!
A Double Dilemmaパパはアイドル!?いつわりのジムリーダー!!Papa is an Idol!? The Fake Gym Leader!!
Six Pack Attackオーキド博士とオダマキ博士!秘密基地の戦い!!Professor Okido and Professor Odamaki! The Battle of the Secret Base!!
The Bicker the Betterタッグバトル!サトシVSハルカ!?Tag Battle! Satoshi VS Haruka!?
Grass Hysteria!禁断の森の王者!フシギバナ!!The King of the Forbidden Forest! Fushigibana!!
Hokey Poké Ballsフシギダネとフシギダネ!モンスターボールを取り返せ!!Fushigidane and Fushigidane! Recover the Monster Balls!!
A Formidable Enemy!? Enter the Coordinator Mama!
A Fan with a Plan!
Baneboo's Lost Object!?
Pearls Are a Spoink's Best Friend!
The Fighting King of the Forest!? Wakashamo VS Kinogassa!
A Shroomish Skirmish
The Feather Carnival in Hiwamaki City!!
Who's Flying Now?
A Grand Mystery! A Pokémon from Space!?
Crazy as a Lunatone
Pokeblock, Stock, and Berry!
Arrival in Minamo City! Polocks and Aerial Ace!
Muscle Battle!? Double Battle!!
Training Wrecks!
It's Still Rocket Roll to Me
Fuu and Ran! The Battle of the Space Center!
Absol! The Shadow of Looming Disaster
Absol-ute Disaster
Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snorunt!
Catch Yukiwarashi!
The Sohnano of Mirage Island!
Who, What, When, Where, Wynaut?
Date Expectations
Rollout! Donfan in Love!
Mean With Envy
A Wild Battle and a Wild Mess! The Kinagi Tournament Pokémon Contest! (Part 1)

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