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Titles and Airdates
  • United States 2000-12-09 Ignorance Is Blissey
  • Japan 2000-01-06 ハピナスのハッピーナース!
  • Japan Happinas no happy nurse!
  • Japan 2000-01-06 Happinas' Happy Nurse!
  • Germany Alte Bekannte
  • France Une amitié indestructible
  • Spain La ignorancia de Blissey
  • Sweden Jessies dilemma
  • Italy L’ingenuità di Blissey
  • Mexico Mi amiga Blissey
  • Finland 2002-03-09 Pieni höperö Blissey
  • Taiwan 幸福蛋的快樂護士
  • Poland To Blissey
  • Netherlands Blisseys onwetendheid
  • Brazil A Ignorância É Uma Blissey!
  • Israel תמימותה של בליסי
  • Czechia Nešikovná Blissey
  • Greece Μια Φίλη απ' τα Παλιά
  • Portugal Ignorância é Linda
Staff List

OP/ED List

Japan OP OK!
Nyarth's Party
포켓몬 Forever
Pokémon Forever
좋은 친구들
Good Friends
Pokémon Roll Call
Ash and co. are dragging their feet through a place called Happy Town. It is night, and they are hungry and tired. Up ahead, Ash sees a Pokémon Center, and the three of them run to it. Unfortunately, the doors to the Pokémon Center are locked. Ash knocks on the door rapidly. Suddenly, the doors open, and a Blissey comes out. Ash forgives the Blissey for knocking him down. Then Ash looks up Blissey in his Pokédex. Ash's stomach growls because he is hungry. Blissey leads Ash and co. inside the Pokémon Center. Then Blissey goes into the kitchen and prepares a meal for them. Blissey comes out with a stack of trays. Each tray has food on it. Blissey then begins to run towards Ash and co. Ash and co. run away from Blissey because Blissey might spill the food. Ash trips and falls to the ground. Blissey bumps into Ash, and all the food tumbles down on him. Blissey apologizes to Ash. Ash says that it isn't a problem.

Ash goes into the bathroom and begins to wash himself. Blissey appears and offers to wash Ash's back. Ash likes this idea. However, Blissey uses a rake instead of a cloth. Red scratches appear on Ash's back, and he is put into bed. Blissey apologizes to Ash, and Ash forgives Blissey once again. Ash asks Blissey if it has anything to heal his scratches. Blissey takes out some rubbing alcohol and spreads it all over Ash's back, and Ash screams again.

Nurse Joy is walking in the hallway. She opens up the door and sees Ash covered in bandages. Nurse Joy apologizes to Ash for the trouble Blissey has caused. All Blissey wants to do is help. Brock falls in love with Nurse Joy, but Misty pulls Brock away. Ash and co. are put in bed. Ash's stomach growls becuase he still hasn't had anything to eat.

Team Rocket is outside the Pokémon Center. They also are hungry. James suddenly gets an idea. He says that they should steal all the Pokémon from the Pokémon Center, and then pick up some food to eat. Jessie and Meowth like James's idea. They sneak into the Pokémon Center. Team Rocket looks around in the kitchen, but they do not find anything. Meowth, however, finds something in the refrigerator. Jessie takes the piece of food and decides to split it up into three pieces. Meowth quickly swipes the food back and begins to run away because he wants the whole thing for himself.

Jessie chases Meowth, but she loses sight of him in the hallway. Jessie then hears something from behind the wall. It is Blissey. Jessie begins to run away, but Blissey tackles Jessie to the ground. Then Blissey sees a familiar necklace on Blissey. Jessie is surprised to see her "old friend" back. At the table, Jessie explains that her and Blissey know each other from a special school. She recalls back the time when she went to Pokémon Nurse School.

Jessie's only friend in that school is the Chansey that is sitting right next to her at the table. At the graduation, Jessie didn't graduate but her friend did. Then Chansey broke the necklace into two pieces and gave Jessie one of the pieces.

Now that Chansey evolved into Blissey. Team Rocket is hungry, and Blissey leads them to the pantry. Blissey gives Team Rocket all the food. Team Rocket takes the food and hauls it away. The next day, Ash and co. are served only half a donut. Ash asks Nurse Joy where the rest of the food is at. They go to the pantry, but the pantry is empty. On the wall is a security camera. Nurse Joy plays the tape and finds out that Blissey was their thief. Nurse Joy asks Blissey where the food is at because Blissey's career as a Pokémon Nurse is on the line.

Jessie is watching the whole thing from the sky. She feels bad for Blissey and feels like they should help. James suggests they pretend that they stole the food from the Pokémon Center. Jessie and Meowth likes James's idea again. They float down from the sky and land in front of the Pokémon Center. James uses a megaphone and says that they stole the food. Ash and co. hear this and rush outside. Team Rocket says their motto.

Ash, who is really hungry, orders Team Rocket to give back all the food. Jessie tells Ash that if he hands over all the Pokémon in the Pokémon Center, then they can have their food back. Nurse Joy can't do that. Blissey walks outside and runs towards Jessie. Jessie wants Blissey to stay away because she is a member of Team Rocket. Jessie sends out Arbok and Lickitung. She orders her Pokémon to attack Blissey. Arbok and Lickitung tackle Blissey hard. Blissey, however, stands up and continues to walk towards Jessie. Nurse Joy thinks that Blissey is trying to fight Team Rocket to make up for its mistake. Arbok and Lickitung attack Blissey again, but this time they attack lightly. Ash and co. run up to Blissey. Nurse Joy apologizes to Blissey for doubting it one bit. Meowth then uses a device to grab Pikachu. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt and shocks Team Rocket.

Ash is really hungry. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt on Arbok, and Chikorita uses Vine Whip on Lickitung. Then Squirtle drowns Team Rocket out with a Water Gun. Team Rocket goes back into their balloon. They begin to take off with the food. Chikorita uses Razor Leaf to cut the rope and to blast Team Rocket off.

Now that Team Rocket is gone, Blissey makes Ash and co. their meal. This time, Blissey safely delivers the food to Ash and co., and they begin to happily eat their meal. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is stranded in the middle of the ocean...

English Official Summary

Team Rocket can't believe their luck when the Blissey employed in a Pokémon Center willingly gives them the center''s entire food supply. As they abscond with the grub, however, an collective pang of conscience tells them to return their ill-gotten booty. However, they are ashamed lest this act of decency ruin their carefully cultivated reputation as troublemakers.

Italian Official Summary

I nostri eroi fanno si fermano in un Centro Pokémon gestito da Blissey, un Pokémon con il cuore d'oro ma un po' pasticcione! La situazione peggiora quando una sua vecchia amica si presenta inaspettatamente…

Portuguese Official Summary

Nossos heróis fazem uma parada num Centro Pokémon comandado por um gentil, porém, ingênuo Blissey. As coisas só pioram quando um velho amigo de Blissey aparece inesperadamente...

Spanish Latin America Official Summary

Nuestros héroes paran a descansar en el Centro Pokémon, que es administrado por un amable pero confundido Blissey. Las cosas sólo empeoran cuando un viejo amigo de Blissey llega inesperadamente…

Spanish Official Summary

El Team Rocket no puede creer su suerte cuando el Blissey empleado en un Centro Pokémon le da por su propia voluntad todo el suministro de comida del centro.

English Great Britian Official Summary

Team Rocket can't believe their luck when the Blissey employed in a Pokémon Center willingly gives them the center''s entire food supply. As they abscond with the grub, however, an collective pang of conscience tells them to return their ill-gotten booty. However, they are ashamed lest this act of decency ruin their carefully cultivated reputation as troublemakers.

Dutch Official Summary

Onze helden pauzeren in een Pokémon Center dat wordt gerund dor een vriendelijke, maar misleidde Blissey. Het wordt allemaal nog erger als een oude vriend van Blissey onverwachts langskomt…

French Official Summary

Les membres de la Team Rocket n'en reviennent pas lorsqu'un Leuphorie leur remet gentiment tout le stock de nourriture du Centre Pokémon où il est employé.

German Official Summary

Team Rocket kann sein Glück kaum fassen, als ein Heiteira aus einem Pokémon-Center ihnen freiwillig sämtliche Nahrungsmittelvorräte des Centers übergibt.


Character Thumbnail
  • United States Ash Ketchum
  • Japan サトシ
  • Japan Satoshi
  • Japan Satoshi
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Pikachu
  • Japan ピカチュウ
  • Japan Pikachu
  • Japan Pikachu
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Misty
  • Japan カスミ
  • Japan Kasumi
  • Japan Kasumi
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Brock
  • Japan タケシ
  • Japan Takeshi
  • Japan Takeshi
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Misty's Togepi
  • Japan カスミのトゲピー
  • Japan Kasumi no Togepi
  • Japan Kasumi's Togepi
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Meowth
  • Japan ニャース
  • Japan Nyarth
  • Japan Nyarth
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Jessie
  • Japan ムサシ
  • Japan Musashi
  • Japan Musashi
Character Thumbnail
  • United States James
  • Japan コジロウ
  • Japan Kojirō
  • Japan Kojiro
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Nurse Joy
  • Japan ジョーイ
  • Japan Joy
  • Japan Joy
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Nurse Joy's Chansey
  • Japan ジョーイのラッキー
  • Japan Joy no Lucky
  • Japan Joy's Lucky
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Ash's Squirtle
  • Japan サトシのゼニガメ
  • Japan Satoshi no Zenigame
  • Japan Satoshi's Zenigame
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Ash's Chikorita
  • Japan サトシのチコリータ
  • Japan Satoshi no Chicorita
  • Japan Satoshi's Chicorita
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Jessie's Arbok
  • Japan ムサシのアーボック
  • Japan Musashi no Arbok
  • Japan Musashi's Arbok
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Jessie's Lickitung
  • Japan ムサシのベロリンガ
  • Japan Musashi no Beroringa
  • Japan Musashi's Beroringa
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Nurse Joy's Blissey
  • Japan ジョーイのハピナス
  • Japan Joy no Happinas
  • Japan Joy's Happinas
Character Thumbnail
  • United States College Enrollment Administrator
  • Japan 職安の職員
  • Japan Shokuan no Shokuin
  • Japan Employees of the Employment Agency
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Pokémon Nursing Professor
  • Japan 看護教官
  • Japan Kango Kyoukan
  • Japan Nursing Faculty/Instructor

Wild Pokémon

Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Oddish
  • Japan ナゾノクサ
  • Japan Nazonokusa
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Bellsprout
  • Japan マダツボミ
  • Japan Madatsubomi
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Cubone
  • Japan カラカラ
  • Japan Karakara
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Chansey
  • Japan ラッキー
  • Japan Lucky
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Ditto
  • Japan メタモン
  • Japan Metamon
No notes available for this episode.

Who's that Pokémon Johto Journeys


Who's that Pokémon Dare da


Okido Segment Pokémon Lecture

Pokémon Lecture & Senryu
Pokémon Dodrio (ドードリオ)
Japanese どんなひも トリオでがんばる ドードリオ

Japanese Music:

Time Track Notes
Japan 00:00 OK!
Japanese (Romanized): OK!
Japanese (Trans): OK!
Opening Theme for Japanese Version
Japan 01:28 1999-2001-M11 Golden Silver The group reaches Happy Town at night.
Japan 02:22 1997-1998-M52 Title Card Kanto Title Card
Japan 02:42 1999-2001-M12 Today's Johto Pokemon Curiosity Satoshi scans Happinas with his Zukan.
Japan 03:34 1999-2001-M28 The Day Is Conquered!! Happinas carries a load of sweets to give it to the group.
Japan 04:18 1999-2001-M13 Mysterious Person Happinas tries to wash Satoshi's back... oops.
Japan 04:47 1999-2001-M13 Mysterious Person Happinas puts alcohol on Satoshi's back, which doesn't end well as well.
Japan 06:37 1997-1998-M26 ロケット団隠密作戦
Japanese (Romanized): Rocket-dan Onmitsu Sakusen
Japanese (Trans): The Rocket Gang's Secret Schemes
Rocket Gang sneaks in the Pokémon Center's kitchen.
Japan 08:07 Movie 1 Short - Fushigidane's Lullaby Musashi remembers how she registered in Lucky's Nurse School.
Japan 08:26 1999-2001-M01 29ばんどうろ
Japanese (Romanized): 29-ban dōro
Japanese (Trans): Route 29
Musashi remembers her class with Lucky.
Japan 10:21 1999-2001-M29 Very Sad Moments Musashi fails the class.
Japan 10:51 1997-1998-M53 Eyecatch A Dare da?
Japan 10:58 1997-1998-M54 Eyecatch B Happinas!
Japan 11:20 1999-2001-M37 ~OK!~ (BONUS-TRACK) Musashi leaves Lucky's Nurse School.
Japan 12:42 1999-2001-M13 Mysterious Person Happinas leads Rocket Gang into the food stock room.
Japan 13:51 1999-2001-M25 Imminent Danger The group and Nurse Joy watch Happinas take boxes of food from the storage room, through a security camera's recording.
Japan 14:57 1997-1998-M20 なんだかんだと聞かれたら…
Japanese (Romanized): Nandakanda to Kikaretara…
Japanese (Trans): If You Ask Us About Whatever…
Rocket Gang Motto
Japan 15:30 1999-2001-M26 Unhinged Rocket Gang reveals that they used Happinas to get food.
Japan 16:35 1999-2001-M08 Cause For Alarm Musashi sends out Beroringa and Arbok to keep Happinas away.
Japan 17:53 1999-2001-M10 Second Chances Happinas doesn't back down and keeps going in Musashi's direction.
Japan 18:40 1999-2001-M22 視線!ロケット団
Japanese (Romanized): Shisen! Rocket-dan
Japanese (Trans): Eye Contact! Rocket Gang
Nyarth uses a pair of grabbers to steal Pikachu. The music stops after 5 seconds.
Japan 19:08 1997-1998-M06 涙,のち晴れ
Japanese (Romanized): Namida, Nochi Hare
Japanese (Trans): Tears, then Calm
Musashi and Happinas look at each other and the former puts her finger over her mouth to symbolize that their relationship is a secret.
Japan 19:25 1999-2001-M02 タイトル
Japanese (Romanized): Title
Japanese (Trans): Title
The second part of the music plays as Satoshi sends out his Pokémon to battle Rocket Gang.
Japan 20:32 1999-2001-M05 エンジュシティ
Japanese (Romanized): Enju City
Japanese (Trans): Enju City
Happinas remembers Musashi's face and serves the group a meal.
Japan 21:44 ニャースのパーティ
Japanese (Romanized): Nyarth no Party
Japanese (Trans): Nyarth's Party
Ending Theme for Japanese Version
Japan 23:06 1997-1998-M33A Professor Okido's Pokémon Lectures Professor Okido's Pokémon Lecture
Japan 23:10 1997-1998-M18B トキワへの道‐マサラより
Japanese (Romanized): Tokiwa e no michi - Masara yori
Japanese (Trans): The Road to Tokiwa - From Masara
Okido explains the characteristics of Dodorio.
Japan 23:54 Okido's Senryū Theme Okido recites a Senryū.
Japan 24:05 Mezase Pokémon Master Instrumental Johto Episode 14 preview

Dub Music:

Time Track Notes
United States 00:00 Pokémon Johto Opening Theme for the English Dub
United States 01:59 1997-1998-M52 Title Card Title Card
United States 02:19 1999-2001-M12 Today's Johto Pokemon Curiosity Ash scans Blissey with his Pokédex.
United States 06:14 1997-1998-M26 ロケット団隠密作戦
Japanese (Romanized): Rocket-dan Onmitsu Sakusen
Japanese (Trans): The Rocket Gang's Secret Schemes
Team Rocket sneaks in the Pokémon Center's kitchen.
United States 10:57 1999-2001-M37 ~OK!~ (BONUS-TRACK) Jessie leaves Chansey's Nurse School.
United States 14:34 1997-1998-M20 なんだかんだと聞かれたら…
Japanese (Romanized): Nandakanda to Kikaretara…
Japanese (Trans): If You Ask Us About Whatever…
Team Rocket's Motto
United States 16:12 1999-2001-M08 Cause For Alarm Jessie sends out Lickitung and Arbok to keep Blissey away.
United States 17:31 1999-2001-M10 Second Chances Blissey doesn't back down and keeps going in Jessie's direction.
United States 19:03 1999-2001-M02 タイトル
Japanese (Romanized): Title
Japanese (Trans): Title
The second part of the music plays as Ash sends out his Pokémon to battle Team Rocket.
United States 20:09 1999-2001-M05 エンジュシティ
Japanese (Romanized): Enju City
Japanese (Trans): Enju City
Blissey remembers Jessie's face and serves the group a meal.
United States 21:21 Song of Jigglypuff Pokémon Karaokémon
United States 22:21 Pokémon Johto Ending Theme for the English Dub

Music Statistics:

Number of Assigned Tracks to the Japanese Original: 29
Number of Assigned Tracks to the English Dub: 12
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this episode is brilliant.you've got to feel
for musashi when she's torn between the rocket
dan and her old friend.Also you get to learn
a bit about her past,which is good.
I wish shogakukan had released all of this
series to buy on dvd.Grrrrr!