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ポケットモンスター めざせポケモンマスター

  • Japanese (TL): Pocket Monsters: Aim to Be a Pokémon Master
Aired from: 2023-01-13 until 2023-03-24
Popular Characters
Ash Ketchum/サトシ/Satoshi
Ash's Pikachu/サトシのピカチュウ/Satoshi's Pikachu
Jessie's Wobbuffet/ムサシのソーナンス/Musashi's Sonansu
Misty's Psyduck/カスミのコダック/Kasumi's Koduck
Brock's Croagunk/タケシのグレッグル/Takeshi's Gureggru
Ash's Gengar/サトシのゲンガー/Satoshi's Gangar
Ash's Dragonite/サトシのカイリュー/Satoshi's Kairyu
Episode List
PM MPM 3: タケシとデントともりのまじょ!
  • Takeshi, Dent and the Forest Witch!
  • Must Be Our Heroes and the Witch!
PM MPM 6: そして、おなじ月をみている!
  • And We're Looking at the Same Moon!
  • The Same Moon, Now and Forever!
PM MPM 8: ジュペッタのさがしもの!
  • What Juppeta Is Looking For!
  • Getting to the Heart of it All!
PM MPM 11: 虹とポケモンマスター!
  • The Rainbow and the Pokémon Master!
  • The Rainbow and the Pokémon Master!