Character Information:

Shauna's Ivysaur


Character Names / Voice Actors:
Known As:
  • Flag Shauna's Ivysaur
  • Flag サナのフシギソウ
  • Flag Sana no Fushigisou
  • Flag Sana's Fushigisou
Voiced By:
Shauna's Ivysaur is the evolved form of Shauna's Bulbasaur. It evolved sometime after the Hiyoku Tripokalon Tournament. To help Serena's Eevee overcome its shyness and to learn how to battle, Shauna's Ivysaur teamed up with it in a tag battle against Ash Ketchum and Tierno. The battle was cut short though as Serena got an idea for a new performance and wanted to practice it immediately.
Known Moveset
Move Type First Ep Notes
Energy Ball Type XY 39 Learned as a Bulbasaur.
Vine Whip Type XY 41 Learned as a Bulbasaur.
Razor Leaf Type XY 42 Learned as a Bulbasaur.
Solar Beam Type XY 42 Learned as a Bulbasaur.
Petal Dance Type XY 60 Learned as a Bulbasaur.