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Ash's Sceptile
English Ash's Sceptile
Japanese サトシのジュカイン
Japanese (Romanized) Satoshi no Jukain
Ash's Sceptile evolved from Ash's Grovyle when Nurse Joy's Meganium was attacked by Team Rocket and it wanted to protect it.

Contest Battle against May's Blaziken

Initially the battle was going to be between Ash's Sceptile and May's Combusken but May's Combusken evolved and May used Blaziken in the final round. Ash realized that his Sceptile had the type disadvantage in the battle but he was confident that it was strong enough to overcome the type disadvantage. This was Ash's first contest battle and Ash's Sceptile initially missed a few times and lost points because May's Blaziken dodged the attacks. Realizing that he needed to be more accurate with the attacks and effectively use Sceptile's speed, Ash managed to back May's Blaziken into a corner to land some attacks accurately and effectively. The battle proved to be a fierce tug-of-war as neither Pokémon backed down. With Ash's Sceptile exhausted to the limit, Overgrow activated but at the same time May's Blaziken Blaze was activated and the two of them regained their power. With only a few seconds remaining in the battle, the two Pokémon went into a direct head-on fight and launched their two most powerful attacks: Overheat and SolarBeam which exploded in the air causing a huge smoke cloud to form and made it hard for people to see the results board. When the smoke cleared, the results board showed that the battle end in a tie.
Move Type First Episode Used Notes
Pound Normal AG 7 Learned as a Treecko
Quick Attack Normal AG 8 Learned as a Treecko
Bullet Seed Grass AG 41 Learned as a Treecko
Leaf Blade Grass AG 66 Learned as a Grovyle
Solar Beam Grass AG 165 Learned the move to counter Spenser's Venusaur's Solarbeam
Agility Psychic AG 167 Sceptile uses Agility to dodge Scizor's Hyper Beam
Leaf Storm Grass DP 189 Sceptile learned Leaf Storm sometime before the battle against Darkrai
Episodes (17)

Juptile VS Tropius! Grassland Duel!!
Odd Pokémon Out
Pokemon Contest! Yuzuriha Tournament!!
Spontaneous Combuskin!
Jukain! Dawn of Revival!!
Cutting the Ties That Bind!
Fierce Fighting! Jungle Battle at the Battle Palace!!
Ka Boom With a View!
Usohachi King and Manene Queen!?
King and Queen for a Day!
The Red Lighting of the Skyscraper!
Curbing the Crimson Tide!
Pokemon Ranger! Deoxys Crisis!! Part 1
Pokemon Ranger! Deoxys Crisis!! Part 1
Pokemon Ranger! Deoxys Crisis!! Part 2
Pokemon Ranger! Deoxys Crisis!! Part 2
Battling the Enemy Within
Battle Pyramid! VS Regirock!!
Marvel! Mountain of the Giant Kekking!!
驚異! 巨大ケッキングの山!!
Slaking Kong
Eipam and the King!
Aipom and Circumstance
Strategy Tomorrow - Comedy Tonight!
Perap and the Pokémon Comedian!
The Pokemon Center is Very Busy!
Pinch Healing!
Once More with Reeling
Satoshi VS Haruka! Last Battle!!
Home is Where the Start Is
The End of a Journey, The Start of a Journey!
The Semi-Final Frontier!シンオウリーグ準決勝!ダークライ登場!!Sinnoh League Semifinal! Darkrai Appears!!
Dream Continues!オレの夢、ポケモンマスター!!My Dream: Pokémon Master!!

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