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Tracey Sketchit
English Tracey Sketchit
Japanese ケンジ
Japanese (Romanized) Kenji
French Jacky Leon
Tracey Sketchit is a Pokémon Watcher that traveled with Ash during the Orange Islands. Pokémon Watchers travel the world looking for all kinds of Pokémon so they can observe and study their characteristics and abilities. They also search for new and undiscovered Pokémon. He is currently staying and studying with Professor Samual Oak in Pallet Town. He also takes care of Ash's Pokémon that are residing at the Professors laboratory.

Tracey Sketchit is a very good artist and enjoys drawing. His artistic skills have been a benefit to him as a Pokémon Watcher as he is able to quickly sketch a scene with great detail.

While journeying with Ash and Misty, Tracey Sketchit replaced Brock in their group as Brock stayed with Professor Felina Ivy for awhile. Tracey Sketchit proved that he was quite knowledgeable about the many various aspects of Pokémon which greatly benefited Ash and Misty.

In BW49, when Professor Samual Oak was talking to Ash at the Raimon City Pokémon Center, Professor Samual Oak told Ash that Tracey Sketchit wanted to give you advice on helping him choose which Pokémon he should use in the gym battle but just as Professor Samual Oak called for Tracey Sketchit, communications went down throughout Raimon City.
Pokemon (3)
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Tracey's Venonat was first seen using its Radar Eye to track the truck that Team Rocket was driving with Lapras in the back. Its Radar Eye proved to be very effective as they were able to track them down. It later helped Tracey look for Ash, Pikachu and Lapras who had fallen off a cliff. It was positive that they were near the beach on Tangelo Island and its tracking skills were proven yet again as they appears on the horizon.
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Tracey's Marill was revealed when Tracey Sketchit decided that he needed a good Pokémon to help him find the Crystal Onix.Tracey's Marill has very sensitive ears that can detect distant sounds and the round, rubbery tip of its tail can expand and contract, assisting Marill in the water.While swimming, Tracey's Marill tail floats so he can see where it's going. [View More]
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Tracey's Scyther is a former leader of a group of Scyther on Murcott Island in the Orange Archipelago. However, it lost its position as leader when a younger and stronger Scyther defeated it in battle and took over its leadership. Defeated and wounded, Scyther was found by Tracey who managed to catch it despite Scyther putting up a brief struggle. Due to its age, Syther's wings are slightly shredded and it has additional fur around its cheeks.
Episodes (57)

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