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Tracey Sketchit

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Tracey Sketchit is a Pokémon Watcher that traveled with Ash during the Orange Islands. Pokémon Watchers travel the world looking for all kinds of Pokémon so they can observe and study their characteristics and abilities. They also search for new and undiscovered Pokémon. He is currently staying and studying with Professor Samuel Oak in Pallet Town. He also takes care of Ash Ketchum's Pokémon that are residing at the Professors laboratory.

Tracey Sketchit is a very good artist and enjoys drawing. His artistic skills have been a benefit to him as a Pokémon Watcher as he is able to quickly sketch a scene with great detail.

While journeying with Ash Ketchum and Misty, Tracey Sketchit replaced Brock in their group as Brock stayed with Professor Felina Ivy for awhile. Tracey Sketchit proved that he was quite knowledgeable about the many various aspects of Pokémon which greatly benefited Ash Ketchum and Misty.

In BW49, when Professor Samuel Oak was talking to Ash Ketchum at the Raimon City Pokémon Center, Professor Samuel Oak told Ash Ketchum that Tracey Sketchit wanted to give you advice on helping him choose which Pokémon he should use in the gym battle but just as Professor Samuel Oak called for Tracey Sketchit, communications went down throughout Raimon City.
Owned Pokémon
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Tracey's Marill
  • Japan ケンジのマリル
  • Japan Kenji no Maril
  • Japan Kenji's Maril
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Tracey's Scyther
  • Japan ケンジのストライク
  • Japan Kenji no Strike
  • Japan Kenji's Strike
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Tracey's Venonat
  • Japan ケンジのコンパン
  • Japan Kenji no Kongpang
  • Japan Kenji's Kongpang
Series Title
OI 4 Save Laplace!/ラプラスをたすけろ!/The Lost Lapras
OI 5 オレンジリーグ!ナツカンジム!/Orange League! Natsukan Gym!/Fit to be Tide
OI 6 きえたポケモンたちのナゾ!/Pikachu Re-Volts/Mystery of the Missing Pokemon!
OI 7 The Crystal Iwark/クリスタルのイワーク/The Crystal Onix
OI 8 ピンクのポケモンじま/In the Pink/Island of the Pink Pokemon
OI 9 The Secret of Kabuto's Fossil!/カブトのかせきのひみつ!/Shell Shock
OI 10 おどる!ポケモンショーボート!/Dance! Pokemon Showboat!/Stage Fight
OI 11 Bye Bye Psyduck/Goodbye Koduck! Return Again Golduck?/さよならコダック!またきてゴルダック?
OI 12 Sailing Joy! Cross the Stormy Sea!/セイリングジョーイ!あらなみをこえて!/The Joy of Pokemon
OI 13 ネーブルジム!ゆきやまのたたかい!/Navel Gym! Snow Mountain Battle!/Navel Maneuvers
OI 14 Big Eater Kabigon! Big Panic!/Snack Attack!/おおぐいカビゴン!だいパニック!
OI 15 A Shipful of Shivers/The Ghost Ship and the Ghost Pokemon!/ゆうれいせんとゆうれいポケモン!
OI 16 Meowth Rules!おニャースさまのしま!?The Great Nyarth's Island!?
OI 17 Strike - A Warrior's Pride/ストライクせんしのほこり/Tracey Gets Bugged
OI 18 みなみのしまだよぜんいんしゅうごう!/A Way Off Day Off/It's the Southern Islands, Everyone Gathers!
OI 19 してんのうカンナ!こおりのたたかい!!/Elite Four Kanna! Ice Battle!!/The Mandarin Island Miss Match
OI 20 Nidoran's Love Story/Wherefore Art Thou, Pokemon?/ニドランのこいものがたり
OI 21 The Little Coil on the Prairie!/だいへいげんのコイルたち!/Get Along, Little Pokemon
OI 22 The Monster in the Underground Tunnel!?/ちかどうのかいぶつ!?/The Mystery Menace
OI 23 Yuzu Gym! Type Battle 3 VS 3!!/ユズジム!タイプバトル3VS3!!/Misty Meets Her Match!
OI 24 Pikachu VS Nyarth!?/ピカチュウVSニャース!?/Bound For Trouble
OI 25 Lizardon! I Choose You!!/Charizard Chills/リザードン!きみにきめた!!
OI 26 ひけしたいけつ!ゼニガメVSカメール/Fire-Extinguishing Showdown! Zenigame VS Kameil/Pokemon Water War
OI 27 Enter the Kabigon!/もえよ!カビゴン!!/Pokemon Food Fight
OI 28 タッグバトル!さいごのジム!!/Tag Battle! The Final Gym!!/Pokemon Double Trouble
OI 29 Koiking! The Secret of Evolution!!/コイキング!しんかのひみつ!!/The Wacky Watcher
OI 30 ニョロモとカスミ/Nyoromo and Kasumi/The Stun Spore Detour
OI 31 ウィナーズカップ!フルバトル6VS6!!/Winners' Cup! Full Battle 6 VS 6!!/Hello Pummelo
OI 32 ファイナルバトル!カイリューとうじょう!!/Enter The Dragonite/The Final Battle! Enter Kairyu!!
OI 33 Goodbye, Laplace!/さよならラプラス!/Viva Las Lapras