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Acerola, in the games, is one of Alola's many trial captains, specializing in Ghost type Pokemon. In the main series anime, she is the closest to Nanu out of anyone, and is there to keep him in check.
Owned Pokémon
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  • United States Acerola's Gengar (Greedy Rapooh)
  • Japan アセロラのゲンガー (欲しがりラプー)
  • Japan Acerola no Gangar (Hoshigari Rapooh)
  • Japan Acerola's Gangar (Greedy Rapooh)
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  • United States Acerola's Mimikyu (Mimikins)
  • Japan アセロラのミミッキュ
  • Japan Acerola no Mimikkyu (Mimi-tan)
  • Japan Acerola's Mimikkyu (Mimi-tan)
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  • United States Acerola's Palossand
  • Japan アセロラのシロデスナ
  • Japan Acerola no Sirodethna
  • Japan Acerola's Sirodethna
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  • United States Acerola's Shuppet
  • Japan アセロラのカゲボウズ
  • Japan Acerola no Kagebouzu
  • Japan Acerola's Kagebouzu
Series Title
SM 73 Why Not Give Me a Z-Ring Sometime?ロケット団の島めぐり?ZリングをゲットせよThe Rocket Gang's Island Pilgrimage! Get a Z-Ring
SM 74 Tough Guy Trials!ちょーワルおやじはしまキング!?This Tough Old Geezer's the Island King?!
SM 75 Some Kind of Laziness!カプ・ブルル!ぐーたらモー特訓!!Kapu-Bulul! Intense Slacker Training!!
SM 76 A Battle Hand-Off!スーパー決戦!ピカチュウVSミミッキュ!!The Decisive Super Battle! Pikachu VS Mimikkyu!!
SM 77 Guiding an Awakening!クチナシの大試練!ルガルガン覚醒!!Kuchinashi's Grand Trial! The Awakening of Lugarugan!!
SM 87 Filling the Light with Darkness!アローラの危機!かがやきを喰らう闇!!Crisis in Alola! The Darkness that Eats Radiance!!
SM 88 Full Moon and Many Arms!ルナアーラ対UB:BLACK!満月の戦い!!Lunala VS UB: BLACK! A Battle at Full Moon!!
SM 90 未来へつなげ!かがやきさまの伝説!!Connect to the Future! The Legend of the Radiant One!!
SM 94 A Haunted House for Everything!ゴーストポケモン大集合!みんなのお化け屋敷!!Ghost Pokémon Everywhere! Everyone's Haunted House!!
SM 129 大乱闘!バトルロイヤル151!!Brawl! Battle Royal 151!!
SM 130 マオとスイレン!友情のゼンリョクバトル!!Mao and Suiren! A Fully Powered Battle of Friendship!!
SM 131 ムサシVSコジロウ!愛と真実のバトルフィールド!!Musashi VS Kojiro! A Battlefield of Love and Truth!!
SM 135 準決勝!カキVSグラジオ!!The Semifinals! Kaki VS Gladio!!
SM 136 燃え上がる炎!ライバルはひとりじゃない!!Rising Fire! More Than One Rival!!
SM 137 無敗の帝王グズマ!Guzma the Undefeated!
SM 139 誕生!アローラの覇者!!He's Born! The Alolan League Winner!!
SM 144 アローラ最強のZ!カプ・コケコVSピカチュウ!!The Greatest Z in Alola! Kapu-Kokeko VS Pikachu!!
SP 40 Pokémon Masters Animated Trailer/『ポケモンマスターズ』トレーナー大集結スペシャルアニメーション/Pokémon Masters: Trainers Great Gathering Special Animation