Dawn is a Pokémon Coordinator whose hometown is Twinleaf Town in the Sinnoh region. Her mother was a famous coordinator and she decided to follow in her footsteps. Dawn started her journey off one day by heading to Professor Rowan's laboratory to receive her starter Pokémon. After the events that transpired at the laboratory, she decided to choose Piplup as her starter Pokémon.

Dawn met Ash and Brock during the first day of her journey. She decided to travel with them as they journeyed through the Sinnoh region. Being inexperienced, journeying with Ash and Brock has proven to be very helpful as she has learned a great deal about Pokémon from the both of them.

Dawn's favourite saying is "Daijōbu! (大丈夫)" which translates as "I'm fine" and she is constantly heard saying it. In the English dub her catch phrase is "No need to worry!".

Kenny is constantly teasing Dawn and calling her Dee Dee, short for Diamond Dandruff, (ピカリ, Pikari in the Japanese original) a nickname he came up with one day after she got shocked by the kindergarten's Plusle and Minun which caused her hair to go all frizzly and sparkle. ("ピカピカ", "pikapika" is an onomatopoeia for "sparkling".) Dawn revealed the way she got her nickname to Ash and Brock when her childhood fears were revived after she encountered Ursula's Plusle and Minun before the Daybreak Town Pokémon Contest.

Dawn was the first main character to lose in the first round of any competition. She lost in the appeals of both Hearthome and Solaceon contest. Those defeats put Dawn on the path she needed to be as after a brief recharge and positive influence by Ash and Zoey she made it to the Grand Festival and by making it past fierce battles with the likes of Ursula and Jessie she made it to the finals. A distinction no other main character has ever achieved. Although defeat was the outcome her dream is still alive.

East Isshu and the Junior World Cup

By courtesy of Cynthia, Dawn decided to train at Cynthia's East Isshu house until the day the World Junior Cup started. Ash was surprised to see her there as he thought she was in the Johto region.

In the second round of the Pokémon World Tournament Junior Cup, Dawn was matched up against Iris. Despite Iris' Dragonite not following her commands, Dawn's Mamoswine ended up loosing the battle in a hard fought match between two very strong Pokémon. Dawn was eliminated from the tournament after that battle. After the Junior Cup reached it's conclusion Dawn revealed that her next stop would be Blackthorn City, Johto for an upcoming Wallace Cup.
Pokemon (12)
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Dawn captured Pachirisu which and it has a very hyperactive and mischievous personality.
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Dawn's Quilava evolved from her Cyndaquil while in the forest near Professor Rowan's laboratory. While chasing after the escaped Pokémon from Professor Rowan's laboratory, a ton of Ariados used their String Shot to capture everyone and they could not break free. After Dawn's Quilava had finished evolving, it was able to break free from the String Shot and was able to fight off the Ariados with Eruption which it had just learned.
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Piplup is Dawn's first Pokémon that she received from Professor Rowan.It has quite a stubborn attitude and it always thinks it is right.

In a meadow en route to Sunyshore City, during Ash's Gible's training session, Dawn's Piplup constantly got hit by its unsuccessful Draco Meteor attacks. [View More]
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Dawn battled many wild Buneary before she captured captured this Buneary.
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Dawn's Piloswine evolved into Mamoswine after being attacked by Team Rocket. While in Brussel Town, Dawn decided to start training with her Mamoswine for her next contest which would take place in Daybreak Town.Since the contest would consist of double performances, she wanted to find a suitable partner for her Mamoswine for the double battle rounds. [View More]
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Dawn's Piloswine evolved into Dawn's Mamoswine after being attacked by Team Rocket.
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Dawn's Aipom was traded from Ash for her Buizel. Click here to see info on Ash's Aipom.
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Dawn was being attacked by a group of Unown and Aipom jumped in front of Dawn to protect her and evolved into Ambipom.
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Dawn's Swinub first appeared at Mr. Backlot's mansion. It caused trouble by devouring all of Dawn's Poffins, which made her Pokémon very angry.
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Dawn received her Cyndaquil as an egg after she defeated Kotone in a battle during the Johto Festa in Suiren Town.Team Rocket noticed the egg while they were flying away and Meowth used his extender arm to capture the egg. While escaping from a wild Ursaring, James noticed that the egg was glowing, signifying that it was close to hatching. [View More]
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Dawn's Togekiss was revealed during the Japanese opening 'The Greatest-Everyday!". Princess Salvia gave her Togekiss to Dawn to help her in the Grand Festival as thanks for trading places with her so she could participate in the Katakuri Town Pokémon Contest. Click here to see info on Princess Salvia's Togekiss.
Episodes (207)


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The Champ Twins!サトシとヒカリ!タッグバトルで大丈夫!?Satoshi and Hikari! A Tag Battle Will be Fine!?
Hakutai Forest! Minomucchi Evolution Tactics!!
Some Enchanted Sweetening

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