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Ash's Riolu

Character Names
  • English / United States: Ash's Riolu
  • Japanese / Japan: サトシのリオル
  • Japanese (Romanized) / Japan: Satoshi no Riolu
  • Japanese (Trans) / Japan: Satoshi's Riolu
Voice Actors
Professor Cerise was discussing Pokémon Eggs with Ash Ketchum and Goh and they decided to go looking for some in Vermilion City. After a Pokémon World Championships Normal Class battle in a park in Vermilion City against Hayden, Ash Ketchum sensed a strong aura wave calling him. When they went to the Pokémon Center to tend to Pikachu, the aura wave strengthen and he followed it to another room where a Pokémon Egg was in an incubator.

Nurse Joy told him the egg was entrusted to her by a Pokémon Day Care. The egg was discovered in the Sinnoh region and it was cared for by many people before it ended up with her. She then suggested Ash Ketchum care for it as he seemed to have a connection to it. One night while he was sleeping, the egg hatched into a Riolu. It jumped through the bedroom window and began fighting wild Pokémon in the area. It kept getting beat up and then it faced an Onix but Ash Ketchum arrived to help him battle the Onix which then caused the Onix to flee the battle.

After being fixed up by Nurse Joy, they all recognized it was a pretty stubborn Pokémon but it indicated that it wanted to be caught by Ash Ketchum. He threw a Poké Ball and was quickly caught.

Ash's Lucario is the evolved form of Ash's Riolu. It evolved during the battle against Chairman Rose's Copperajah and Chairman Rose's Ferrothorn at the Hammerlocke Stadium.
Known Moveset
Vacuum Wave Type
First Seen: PM2019 21
Just after it hatched, it attacked Ash with the move, sending him flying towards his bed.
Double Team Type
First Seen: PM2019 27
Avoided being hit by a leek! Go was surprised it knew the move but Ash said it learned it as part of special training.
Reversal Type
First Seen: PM2019 27
Learned as part of its special training.
Force Palm Type
First Seen: PM2019 27
Revealed while practicing with Mr. Mime.
Series Title
PM2019 21 とどけ波導!サトシと不思議なタマゴ!!Hit Your Mark, Wave Guidance! Satoshi and the Mysterious Egg!!
PM2019 23 大パニック!サクラギパーク!!Massive Panic! Sakuragi Park!!
PM2019 24 休め!ロケット団!!Rest, Rocket Gang!!
PM2019 25 命爆発バトルフェス!VSメガルカリオ!!A Battle Festival Exploding With Life! VS Mega Lucario!!
PM2019 27 英雄伝説!ダンデ最強バトル!!The Legend of Heroes! Dande's Ultimate Battle!
PM2019 28 めそめそメッソンMesson Sobs For What Reason?
PM2019 29 There's a New Kid in Town!パチパチやきもち!ワンパチのきもちOne Crackling Fit of Jealousy: Wanpachi's Fantasy
PM2019 30 Betrayed, Bothered, and Beleaguered!いやいやピカチュウ、やれやれバリヤードThe Reluctant Pikachu and the Exasperated Barrierd
PM2019 34 孤高の戦士サイトウ!オトスパスの脅威!!Saito, the Lone Warrior! The Otosupus Menace!!
PM2019 36 サトシとゴウ、砂地獄から這い上がれ!Crawl Out of the Sand Tomb, Satoshi and Go!
PM2019 37 ただいま、はじめましてアローラ!I'm Back! Nice to See You, Alola!
PM2019 39 サトシ対サイトウ!攻略たこがため!!Satoshi VS Saito! Overcome Octolock!!
PM2019 42 ソード&シールドⅠ まどろみの森Sword & Shield I: Slumbering Weald
PM2019 44 ソード&シールドⅢ ムゲンダイナSword & Shield III: Mugendaina
PM2019 46 バトル&ゲット!ミュウツーの復活Battling & Getting! Mewtwo Comes Back
PM2019 45 ソード&シールドⅣ 最強の剣と盾Sword & Shield IV: The Ultimate Sword and Shield
PM2019 51 Trials of a Budding Master!カモネギ大いなる試練! The Great Kamonegi Trial!
PM2019 78 Detective Drizzile!/狙われたサクラギ研究所!/The Sakuragi Laboratories Become a Target!
PM2019 85 Battle Three with Bea!/ライバル対決!サトシVSサイトウ!!/Rival Showdown! Satoshi VS Saito!!
PM2019 90 Showdown at the Gates of Warp!/冬SP第2話!ディアルガ&パルキア!時空大決戦!!/Winter Special #2! Dialga & Palkia! The Decisive Space-time Battle!!