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Goh's Sobble

Character Names
  • English / United States: Goh's Sobble
  • Japanese / Japan: ゴウのメッソン
  • Japanese (Romanized) / Japan: Go no Messon
  • Japanese (Trans) / Japan: Go's Messon
Voice Actors
Goh's Sobble was first seen outside a Pokémon Center in Wyndon in the Galar region. While eating, it came up to them while invisible and started eating all of their food. When it finally became visible again, it started crying and ran off. Goh wanted to find it and Nurse Joy (Galar) said that Sobble are usually Timid and that it might be hiding in the fountain. Goh tried to introduce himself but when there was no response he accidentally threw a Poké Ball and it caught Sobble who was actually there to his surprise.

Goh's Drizzile is the evolved form of Goh's Sobble. After rescuing Goh's Oddish from being hit by a Berry, it evolved into Drizzile. It had been hoping to evolve into an Inteleon but when it saw it's reflection in the water it was disappointed and became depressed.
Known Moveset
Pound Type
First Seen: PM2019 28
Hit the Silicobra the second it came back above ground.
Water Gun Type
First Seen: PM2019 28
Consulted the Rotom Phone Dex to find out it knew this move.
U-turn Type
First Seen: PM2019 54
Learned the attack during a battle with Meowth and Wobbuffet.
Series Title
PM2019 27 英雄伝説!ダンデ最強バトル!!The Legend of Heroes! Dande's Ultimate Battle!
PM2019 28 めそめそメッソンMesson Sobs For What Reason?
PM2019 29 There's a New Kid in Town!パチパチやきもち!ワンパチのきもちOne Crackling Fit of Jealousy: Wanpachi's Fantasy
PM2019 30 Betrayed, Bothered, and Beleaguered!いやいやピカチュウ、やれやれバリヤードThe Reluctant Pikachu and the Exasperated Barrierd
PM2019 31 The Cuteness Quotient!ヒンバスのきれいなウロコHinbass' Pretty Scale
PM2019 32 Time After Time!セレビィ 時を超えた約束Celebi: A Timeless Promise
PM2019 33 ポケモン交換しませんか?Who Wants to Trade Pokémon?
PM2019 34 孤高の戦士サイトウ!オトスパスの脅威!!Saito, the Lone Warrior! The Otosupus Menace!!
PM2019 035 ピカチュウ、ゲットだぜ!!I Got Pikachu!!
PM2019 36 サトシとゴウ、砂地獄から這い上がれ!Crawl Out of the Sand Tomb, Satoshi and Go!
PM2019 37 ただいま、はじめましてアローラ!I'm Back! Nice to See You, Alola!
PM2019 38 奇跡の復元、化石のポケモン!The Colossal Restoration and the Fossil Pokémon!
PM2019 39 サトシ対サイトウ!攻略たこがため!!Satoshi VS Saito! Overcome Octolock!!
PM2019 40 VSサンダー!伝説レイドバトル!!VS Thunder! Legendary Raid Battle!!
PM2019 41 Pikachu Translation Check... Up to Your Neck!/ピカチュウアテレコ大作戦! / 半分、ヌマクロー。/Operation: Dub Pikachu! / Half, Numacraw.
PM2019 42 ソード&シールドⅠ まどろみの森Sword & Shield I: Slumbering Weald
PM2019 43 ソード&シールドⅡ ブラックナイトSword & Shield II: Black Night
PM2019 46 バトル&ゲット!ミュウツーの復活Battling & Getting! Mewtwo Comes Back
PM2019 47 ポケモンチャンピオン!大食い王決定戦!!Pokémon Champion! The Battle of Big Eaters!!
PM2019 45 ソード&シールドⅣ 最強の剣と盾Sword & Shield IV: The Ultimate Sword and Shield
PM2019 49 To Train, or Not to Train!コハルと不思議な不思議なイーブイ!Koharu and the Really Mysterious Eievui!
PM2019 51 Trials of a Budding Master!カモネギ大いなる試練! The Great Kamonegi Trial!
PM2019 53 伝説ゲット!?水の守護神スイクンを探せ!!Getting a Legend?! Search for Suicune, the Guardian Deity of Water!!
PM2019 54 メッソン·イン·ポッシブル!Messon In Possible!
PM2019 57 恋はコダックLove is a Koduck
PM2019 59 迷子のサルノリ!トレーナーは誰だ!?The Lost Sarunori! Who is its Trainer?!
PM2019 62 じめじめジメレオンWoebegone Jimereon
PM2019 78 Detective Drizzile!/狙われたサクラギ研究所!/The Sakuragi Laboratories Become a Target!
PM2019 90 Showdown at the Gates of Warp!/冬SP第2話!ディアルガ&パルキア!時空大決戦!!/Winter Special #2! Dialga & Palkia! The Decisive Space-time Battle!!