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Character Names
  • English / United States: Serena's Fennekin
  • Japanese / Japan: セレナのフォッコ
  • Japanese (Romanized) / Japan: Serena no Fokko
  • Japanese (TL) / Japan: Serena's Fokko
Voice Actors
Serena's Fennekin was the Pokémon that Serena chose as her starter Pokémon at Professor Sycamore lab. Serena thought that after seeing all the starter Pokémon for real that they were all cute but she had already decided before she left home that she would get a Fennekin.

First Official Debut Pokémon Battle

Serena's Fennekin first official debut Pokémon battle was against Shauna's Bulbasaur on the first day of the Pokémon Summer Camp. Despite the type advantage, it had a hard time in the battle. It was a fun battle and Serena made various discoveries while Shauna taught her a lot. The outcome of the battle was not revealed though.

Serena's Braixen is the evolved form of Serena's Fennekin. It evolved during a double battle against Aria shortly before the battle was called off as Aria had to leave. Serena asked Tairenar to bear with her from now on after it evolved.
Known Moveset
Ember Type
First Seen: XY 7
Initially seen being used in XY 4 but it wasn't confirmed until XY 7 when it used Ember to help rescue Pikachu and the others
Flamethrower Type
First Seen: XY 21
She learned it while battling Team Rocket
Hidden Power Type
First Seen: XY 23
Attack was confirmed by Serena.
Scratch Type
First Seen: XY 26
She was ordered to use it to save Serena.
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