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Character Names
  • English / United States: Brock's Vulpix
  • Japanese / Japan: タケシのロコン
  • Japanese (Romanized) / Japan: Takeshi no Rokon
  • Japanese (TL) / Japan: Takeshi's Rokon
Voice Actors
Brock's Vulpix was given to Brock by Suzy when he visited her Scissor Street salon. Suzy explained to Brock and Misty that her Vulpix was a bit shy and temperamental and she had been having a hard time training it. Despite its shyness, Suzie's Vulpix had been entered in many breeding competitions and it is considered a supermodel of the Pokémon world. The beauty of its hair curls has landed it sweeping victories in every competition it has entered.

While Brock had prepared food for Ash's Pikachu, Suzie's Vulpix decided to try it and it really enjoyed the Pokémon food he made. Suzy explained that it was the first time that her Vulpix had eaten food prepared by somebody else. Brock was very thankful that Suzie's Vulpix liked the Pokémon food.

Realizing that Brock is an amazing breeder and that her Vulpix could learn a lot from him while seeing and visiting other places it normally wouldn't by staying in her salon, Suzy entrusted her Vulpix to Brock. Brock accepted her request and became Suzie's Vulpix's mentor.

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Known Moveset
Flamethrower Type
First Seen: SL 28
Misty's face got first hand experience
Fire Spin Type
First Seen: SL 28
First used to fight Team Rocket
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SL 28
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